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Top 5 Marijuana Marketing Tools for Adult-Use Consumers

January 3, 2018

Adult-use marijuana brings with it opportunity to reach thousands of new cannabis customers. Licensed marijuana retailers will definitely see an increase in demand over the next few months but staying competitive will still be a high priority. Implementing powerful marijuana marketing tools will help build your brand and set you apart from the competition.

In this article, we’ll suggest a few marijuana marketing tools that can help engage recreational marijuana customers and increase foot traffic for your cannabis retailer.

Email and SMS Campaigns

Digital marketing is ideal for dispensaries as often times it results in a high return on investment. Advanced cannabis POS software will offer email and text messaging marketing tools that allow you to educate and inform your customer base of events, discounts, and new products available. It’s worth spending some time on customizing your email campaigns and researching effective subject lines to improve the open and click through rate.

Utilizing marijuana marketing tools that convey a sense of urgency, such a SMS campaigns, are great for limited time offers or advertising popular strains that are almost out-of-stock. Text messaging is a form of marketing that should be used sparingly as customers will tune out if these are sent to often. It’s important to review the customer analytics to see what items are popular among adult-use clientele. This information can provide valuable insight into the best way to engage recreational users.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Marijuana marketing tools such as customer loyalty programs will work a little differently now that all cannabis transactions are regulated and taxed. Establishing a cashback system using loyalty points will allow customers to use their accrued amount towards the purchase price. Cannabis retailers will be able to set the conversion rate of loyalty points using their dispensary POS system.

Offering loyalty programs will entice new customers to return and rewarding referrals from existing clientele will help grow your business. The best part about creating loyalty programs using point-of-sale software is that customers will no longer need to remember their ‘loyalty card.’ All loyalty points will be tracked automatically and assigned to their customer profile.

In-Store Marketing Displays

Using digital displays to remind shoppers of daily discounts, promotional offers, and limited time specials is great way to market to a captive audience. Syncing your dispensary POS software with digital signage will provide the perfect opportunity to create captivating advertisements.

Creating custom playlists that target recreational customers will encourage your clientele to buy more to save more. IndicaOnline TV integrates your POS software with digital displays using an Apple TV application. Marketing to customers while they’re waiting to be served is the perfect way to educate them on current offers.

Online Menu Listings

Including your cannabis retailer on popular menu listings such as Potify and Weedmaps is an integral part of marketing to potential customers. A large majority of marijuana consumers browse online menus before ever stepping foot in a dispensary. It is crucial that these listing stay current or you could have some very unhappy customers on your hands.

Fortunately, the days of constantly updating menu listings and your website are over. Smart POS systems can sync your inventory with both your business website and third-party dispensary directories. Utilizing marijuana marketing tools such a menu listings boost brand awareness and allow new customers to discover your business.

Social Media Marketing

One of the best ways to engage recreational customers is through social media. While platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter still have limits concerning paid advertising for marijuana related businesses, reaching consumers organically is easier than ever before. Incorporating popular hashtags and tagging product brands will increase the amount views, shares, and interactions on any given post.

Posting video and photos will receive the most engagement but it’s also important to craft creative messaging that serves as a call to action. These are just a few examples of marijuana marketing tools that can benefit your dispensary. Schedule a free demo for a step by step tutorial on how to implement all the marketing tools available within the IndicaOnline POS software.