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5 Tools to Teach Cannabis Dispensary Budtenders

July 30, 2018

Assembling a quality team to process sales in your marijuana retailer is essential to the success of your business. Teaching your cannabis dispensary budtenders to operate at a high level will separate your business from the competition. It’s imperative that new hires learn the basics from back to front so that they can develop their own unique sales approach with customers.

In this article, we’ll mention a few tools that can help cannabis dispensary budtenders become proficient in operations while providing unmatched customer service.  

Training Guide

Every cannabis retailer should create a paper bound training guide for new sales associates. This guide will outline processes and protocols that must be followed to maintain organization and compliance.

Conveying this information in no nonsense way is an integral part of building your staff’s understanding of what is expected of them. Also include in the training guide your code of conduct to reinforce the idea that professionalism is a high priority.

Apprentice Program

Once your newly hired cannabis dispensary budtenders have a good grasp on the training guide, it’s time to get them familiar with the day to day. Establishing an apprentice program will help them observe your experienced employees as they work.

This will immediately throw them into the working environment and allow them to develop relationships with their team members. Seasoned sales associates can walk them through processes and introduce them to your dispensary point of sale system.

POS Helper Mode

Learning the point of sale system may seem daunting for newcomers but if the software is well designed it should be intuitive and easy to pick-up. IndicaOnline is one of the most user-friendly iPad paypoints on the market and recently developed a POS helper mode to assist budtenders when making sales.

Flashing red buttons will provide additional information on the functionality of specific features. This can quickly answer common questions and reduce the amount of training needed for cannabis dispensary budtenders to get up to speed.

Video Tutorials

Cannabis dispensary budtenders who want a more comprehensive understanding of the point of sale software can take advantage of additional resources like the help desk and video tutorials. Watching videos that explain the complete functionality of the software will help empower sales associates if something were to go wrong.

These are helpful when learning how to make returns, apply discounts, and reconcile inventory. IndicaOnline provides tutorial videos on various topics relating to our software so budtenders can access them at time.

Performance Reviews

Evaluating your dispensary employee’s performance is a great way to ensure that the quality of service stays exceptional. Providing performance reviews for cannabis dispensary budtenders will keep them on their toes and let them know where they can improve.

The cannabis industry is constantly evolving so it critical that your staff continue to educate themselves on new laws and best practices. Giving constructive criticism will motivate your sales team to excel in areas where they lacked focus previously.