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5 Reasons to Hire a Cannabis Compliance Manager

July 9, 2018

There are so many facets of compliance when running a marijuana dispensary in a state with regulatory oversight. One small mistake could incur a compliance violation that would result in hefty fines and possible the revocation of your business license. This is why hiring a cannabis compliance manager to specifically handle all compliance related issues is a smart move.

Develop Compliance Protocols

One of the main reasons to hire a cannabis compliance manager is to establish some store-wide protocols and policies that will serve as a safeguard against compliance infractions. Hiring someone who has experience in the cannabis industry as well as retail management will ensure they know how to develop and implement employee practices that are lasting.

Setting these standards will deter any improper conduct from dispensary staff and encourage a code of ethics where employees feel comfortable reporting suspicious behavior. The most important policies will pertain to validating customer age to prevent sales to minors, and keeping a close eye on purchase limits to avoid looping.     

Assess Cannabis Inventory

Cannabis compliance managers will also assess and audit dispensary inventory to prevent any product loss. They will be an integral part of onboarding new product as well as reconciling physical counts with your point of sale inventory every 14 days as required by the state.

As the marijuana industry evolves the cannabis compliance manager must re-access how to optimize operations while still adhering to all of the state regulations and laws. A cannabis compliance manager must stay abreast of new industry trends by attending events and networking with other professionals to learn about new methods and compliance practices.

Resolving Compliance Issues

If and when a compliance infraction does occur, the cannabis compliance manager is responsible for investigating when it happened, how it occurred, and who was working at the time of the violation. Once the issue has been pinpointed, the compliance manager must then consult with upper management on how to proceed.

If the compliance violation turns out to be an unintentional human error, then additional training or a probationary period could motivate the employee to pay more attention. However, if the infraction occurred due to unethical behavior then it maybe time to consult with law enforcement and cannabis regulators on how to proceed.

Follow Regulation Changes

While many in the cannabis industry are happy to see progress taking place across the country, there are drawbacks to working in an industry that suffers from regulatory instability. State and local laws are constantly changing making it difficult for marijuana retailers to keep up and stay compliant. The role of a cannabis compliance manager is to understand and stay aware of all the state and local legislative initiatives that affect dispensaries, distributors, and cultivators.

A dispensary compliance manager should also take an active role in state and local cannabis reform organizations that advocate for new legislation. Attending monthly meetings to learn about what local and state initiatives are underway so your retailer can support causes that benefit their business.

Communicate with Regulators

Occasionally cannabis retailers slip up and commit compliance violations in their dispensary. No matter what the cause, the cannabis compliance manager must investigate and report all finding to the Bureau of Cannabis Control. If and when a compliance infraction does occur, presenting a full picture of the situation will help regulators decide on a fair consequence.  

Establishing open communication with state and local regulators an essential responsibility for a compliance manager. It’s also helpful to actually meet with regulators at workshops and hearings so you can establish a more personal relationship that will could prove beneficial in the future.