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4 Ways Marijuana POS Software Tracks Staff Performance

June 5, 2018

As the manager or owner of a cannabis retailer you always want your dispensary staff to perform at their best. While it’s easy to see if your budtenders are engaged while serving customers sometimes you need to evaluate the numbers to get a better picture of how well they can sell. Using your marijuana POS software to track how each of your employees operates will provide the vital numbers you need to make improvements.

In this article we’ll highlight a few ways you can take advantage of you marijuana POS software to review how your employees are doing day-to-day.

Transaction History

The first thing you’ll want to check is the transaction history for each register. You’ll be able to see which of your sales associates was operating the register and a complete breakdown of every transaction from the most recent shift. Having the ability to view when the transaction occurred, the sales total, the taxes, discounts applied, and amount paid will help you identify any errors that could throw off your sales numbers.

IndicaOnline’s marijuana POS software includes a filter search allowing dispensary managers the ability to search specific dates, times, and registers. The transaction history can also be exported as a digital file for your permanent records or any compliance issues that arise.

Product Returns

One thing that can quickly add up are product returns especially if your sales associates aren’t extremely knowledgeable about products and misstate the desired effects. If you notice that one particular sales associate is receiving an unusual amount of returns, it might be time to test them on there cannabis IQ.

Monitoring the amount of returns will also help you identify faulty products that could be tarnishing your business ideals. Advanced marijuana POS software makes it simple to pinpoint the transaction and the products sold.

Open/Close Shift

Reliable dispensary employees are hard to come by and keeping a watchful eye on when your staff clock-in and clock-out will speak volumes about their commitment to your cannabis retailer. If you find that certain sales associates are consistently late you’ll want to address this issue before it begins to affect the morale of your team.

The same is true if you notice someone is clocking out early without your permission or with increasing frequency. Often times this can cause resentment among your staff if someone is not being disciplined for violating the employee policy.

Over/Short Drawer

A very useful feature of IndicaOnline’s marijuana POS software is the ability to quickly view if any registers are over or short at the end of each day. Rather than trying to manually calculate all of the sales to see if all the numbers are correct let your dispensary software do the work for you.

Knowing instantly which registers are over or under will give you a head start when attempting to find where the discrepancy lies. These are just a few features that dispensary owners and managers can implement to ensure that there are no weak links in their employee ranks. Schedule a demo to discover all the features available in IndicaOnline’s marijuana POS software.