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How Cannabis Software Can Assist Budtender Sales

May 15, 2018

One of the most important tools in a marijuana dispensary is the point-of-sale software. Finding the perfect cannabis software that will meet the needs of your dispensary will empower your staff and help boost sales. Innovative features and design will give budtenders the ability to engage and inform customers with efficiency.

Today, we’ll discuss a few ways in which cannabis software enables budtenders to connect with clientele and provide exceptional customer service.

Portable Tablet

One thing that can dramatically impact the way you interact with your customers is having the freedom to be mobile. Utilizing cannabis software that runs on tablet technology will allow budtenders to walk with a patron to inform them about the variety of products in stock. Dispensary staff members can quickly look up a product’s price and add it to the cart should the customer decide to purchase.

If your cannabis retailer has multiple stationary POS registers, it’s always a good idea to have one iPad that is portable so you can grab and go at a moments notice. Guiding new patients through the process will really leave a strong first impression and convey the importance of customer service in your storefront.

Product Descriptions

It’s difficult for dispensary budtenders to remember every nuance of every product on the sales floor. Implementing smart cannabis software can help your sales staff inform customers with detailed product descriptions at their fingertips. Offering product tidbits such as desired effects, lab results, and sensory descriptors will really allow the customer to make an educated decision.

Including as much information as possible when adding new strains to the dispensary inventory will be invaluable for budtenders. If you have the resources to take high quality photos of each strain you’ll want to upload those as well. Customers first shop with their eyes so providing them with stunning up close images of high quality cannabis can be very convincing.

Customer History

Another added advantage of using advanced cannabis software is having access to their customer purchase history. Dispensary budtenders can use the customer queue to see the name of the person they will be serving next. If they are a return customer, it’s smart to take a quick peek at their purchase history to know what products have interested them in the past.

Knowing that loyal patron prefers edibles or concentrates can cue budtenders to mention new products in those specific categories. Recommending products that similar to their purchase history is a great place to start but don’t let it limit how your serve them. If a patron’s purchase history is diverse, it’s worth taking the time to ask what interests them and make suggestions based on their feedback.

Fast Check-Out

Of course the most important part of a budtenders job is processing transactions for customers. Efficiency is key when ringing up customers so you want ensure that your cannabis software is reliable and easy to use. IndicaOnline’s point-of-sale software uses an all-in-one POS unit that has a built-in barcode scanner, card swiper, receipt printer and electronic cash drawer.

This unique design makes check-out lightning fast and improves overall efficiency. All of the necessary taxes are applied automatically once the patient type has been assigned to the customer’s profile. To learn more about IndicaOnline’s ingenious features by scheduling a demo with one of our qualified training representatives.