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5 Content Ideas for Dispensary Digital Signage

May 21, 2018

One way to really elevate the interior of your cannabis retailer and inform your clientele is to install dispensary digital signage. Deciding on what type of content to display can directly affect the amount of sales you make on an average day. Understanding your customers is essential in providing them with engaging content that will encourage them to broaden their taste.

Displaying product menus are often the primary content that retailers focus on but if you have an additional monitor or TV to display content these ideas can really motivate consumers to buy.  Today, we’ll offer a few suggestions of intriguing content that you can add to your marijuana dispensary digital display.

Advertise Specials

One thing that almost every consumer will want to know upon entering your cannabis retailer is what sort of deals are currently running. Using your dispensary digital signage to advertise daily specials and discounts will encourage your customers to take advantage of the savings.

Including high quality images of the products on special will be the most effective when converting sales. When advertising your discounted products, messaging and imagery are extremely important so ensure that your messaging is clear.

New Products

Promoting new products that have recently been added to your dispensary inventory is highly recommended. Featuring products that have only just arrived will raise awareness and educate customers on why they should try it. Offering up selling initiatives such as buy one get one free will make these new products more appealing to your clientele.

Whether it’s a new strain, concentrate, or edible displaying it front and center on your dispensary digital signage will captivate your incoming traffic. Creating a specific playlist for new products using your dispensary POS software will make it easy to rotate them as inventory changes.

Social Media

Another way to connect with your customers is to merge your social media feeds to your dispensary digital signage. This will allow new and existing customers to interact with your brand online. People will be more likely to follow or engage with your socially if they see that your feed features creative and entertaining content.

Setting up a social hub will allow you to use hashtags, promote your socials, and show off you most popular content. Cannabis retailers will quickly see a spike in the amount of views and interaction on their social accounts once they are integrated with your dispensary digital signage.

Video Channels

Providing you customers with entertaining and educational video content related to your store or the cannabis industry as a whole will keep them coming back. If you have original video content about your dispensary that you post on Youtube, this is the perfect opportunity to widen your audience.

Some storefronts choose to show video content from other popular sources that relate to marijuana such as Vice, Herb, or even music videos that match the mood of your dispensary. While this type of media may not directly influence your sales, it can often initiate conversation that provides valuable customer insights and establishes a more personal relationship.

Customer Queue

One functionality that will be extremely helpful is a customer queue that can be added to you dispensary digital signage. Not only does this keep you customers informed of the position in line but it will also keep your sales floor organized even during high traffic hours. It will only display the person’s first name as to avoid violating their privacy and only cover a small portion of the screen.

All of these digital display features can be controlled from IndicaOnline’s powerful dispensary software. You can easily assemble playlist that rotate throughout the day and quickly make changes. It’s also possible to target your customers in real-time by knowing who is in store so you can cater to their age or gender. To learn how you can take advantage of our free dispensary digital signage schedule a demo today.