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How Dispensary Customer Insights Can Boost Marijuana Sales

February 13, 2018

Understanding how your clientele makes purchases in your cannabis retailer will help you make critical decisions that affect sales. Dispensary customer insights offer a window into your customers’ buying habits and allow you to cater to market demand.

Today we’ll cover how analyzing dispensary customer insights can make your storefront more proficient and increase sales numbers.

Selective Inventory

Utilizing a cannabis POS software that can provide real time statistics on sales is essential to narrowing in on products that move off shelves. Having the ability to see top sellers in each of your product categories will allow you to make selective stock choices to maximize your profit.

Purchasing marijuana inventory that has a proven track record of consistent sales will be beneficial for any dispensary. Analytics can also display what sells best over the course of a week, month, and year so making notes of what sell well over the long term will really allow dispensary owners to dial in their product selection.

Customer Analytics

Customers can be categorized into new patients, returning patients, and best patients making it easy to identify big spenders and frequent visitors. These metrics can also help you analyze how well your cannabis retailer is retaining customers.

If your dispensary customer insights show that you have a high percentage of customers who only visit once, it might be smart to implement loyalty programs or special discounts for customer referrals. Offering specialized promotions for new customers can boost sales from first-time patients and walk-ins.

Optimise Advertising

It’s very important to understand where new customers are hearing about your marijuana dispensary. Cannabis retailers spend valuable advertising dollars with various resources to raise brand awareness. If your able to pinpoint where most of your clientele is hearing about your business, you can make smart decisions about where to advertise.

This information is easily acquired at check-in especially if you use tablets for new customers to enter their details. IndicaOnline has developed an application, E-sign MD, for customer sign-ins that works in tandem with our marijuana POS software. Creating a form that allows customers to select where they found out about your cannabis retailer will help you optimise your advertising efforts.

Delivery Preferences

Depending on whether or not your marijuana business offers delivery service, it might be a good idea to see what customers are buying in specific zip codes. Breaking down dispensary customer insights by region can assist you in creating targeted marketing campaigns that appeal to their preferences.

IndicaOnline Dashboard aggregates all of your analytics into an easy to use mobile application that can provide real-time statistics. Using this information to upgrade the performance of your marijuana dispensary will help boost sales and increase customer satisfaction. Download the Dashboard app to keep track of your cannabis retailer on the go.