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5 Signs Your Dispensary Needs Marijuana Inventory Software

March 7, 2018

Managing inventory is always a high priority for any cannabis retailers. Occasionally dispensaries can run into inventory discrepancies that cause compliance issues. Implementing a smart marijuana inventory software can prevent problems before they start.

Today we’ll discuss some common signs that your cannabis retailer needs to install advanced marijuana inventory software.

Sync Online Inventory

If your dispensary staff is constantly having to update online menu listings such as Weedmaps or your own website you may want to consider investing in marijuana inventory software. Integrating your inventory with your ecommerce website or third-party menu directory will update your menu automatically by adding new products and removing products that are sold out.

Syncing your inventory will save your staff from this time consuming chore and allow them to focus more on customer service. Keeping your online menus up-to-date is essential when a large majority of customers browse online before actually buying.

Product Loss

Unfortunately, product loss is a common occurrence in marijuana dispensaries. No matter the reason, any cannabis that goes unaccounted for can be serious problem for retailers. Not only is this a loss of money, it can also be incur a compliance violation if happens too frequently.

Using marijuana inventory software will result in more accurate stock counts and allow dispensaries to track every gram of every strain. Many states with regulated marijuana markets have transitioned to prepackaged cannabis which is also very helpful in eliminating any product loss.

Low Stock Alerts

There are instances where cannabis retailers forget to reorder a particular product that sells out surprisingly fast. Keeping your best sellers in stock is an integral part of maintaining high sales numbers. Losing business because you’ve run out of specific strain can hurt your profits and your business reputation.

Another feature that marijuana inventory software offers cannabis retailers is low stock alerts. Notifications are sent to dispensary staff and administrators when inventory hits a specified level. Once these notifications are received, dispensary management can reorder more before the products runs out.

Onboarding Inventory

Adding new inventory to your stock counts is an area where accuracy is paramount. One wrong digit or decimal can create havoc later on potentially during a sales transaction. This is why implementing marijuana inventory software is so vital to keeping accurate records that will later be submitted to the State for compliance.

When onboarding new product having the capability to quickly scan new product into your system will take the possibility of human error out of the equation. Not only can the barcode scanner detect the amount of product but also the strain name.

Integrated Scales

In some cases, dispensary staff will need to use NTEP certified scales to weigh marijuana flower. This is when using marijuana inventory software that can integrate directly with the scale is advantageous. IndicaOnline POS system includes this functionality as standard so retail employees can price cannabis by weight.

Taking the guesswork out of how much the customer should be charged will help keep inventory counts precise and maximize revenue. Integrating a scale with IndicaOnline is as simple as plug and play but it’s always important to calibrate a scale before using it to weight product. Schedule a demo to learn more about the benefits of using IndicaOnline as your marijuana inventory software.