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New Barcode Scanners will Simplify Metrc Cannabis Inventory

June 27, 2018

There are several changes that cannabis retailers will need to make in order to meet compliance with the transitional period requirements. To accommodate these changes, IndicaOnline will be offering Inateck wireless bluetooth barcode scanners to annual license holders to simplify Metrc cannabis inventory.

Today, we’ll cover a few of the functionality features of these new barcode scanners as well as how they can streamline Metrc cannabis inventory for your dispensary.

Onboarding Metrc Inventory

After July 1st, cannabis retailers will be required to purchase inventory from licensed distributors who will package and label products according to the new regulations. Distributors will create manifests or packages using the Metrc system, which will then need to be accepted by the retailer. Once a dispensary accepts and receives their cannabis product, they’ll need to add it to their point of sale software before it can be sold to consumers.

Rather than typing in all the information of every product, a quick scan of the barcode with the Inateck wireless bluetooth barcode scanner will quickly autofill the necessary fields. Once the product information has been input into the system, the dispensary owner or manager can make adjustments to the package quantity, split the package, merge the package, close packages, and make sales.

Adding Products to Cart

Another benefit to using the new barcode scanners is the ability to ring up prepackaged products and instantly add them to a customer’s cart. Not only will this speed up transaction times but it also tracks the last step in the supply chain. After the product has been scanned for sale, the transaction will automatically be sent to Metrc for real-time reporting.

Having the ability to streamline checkout with barcode scanners will also prevent budtenders from having to manually lookup products by name or SKU number. The addition of Inateck’s wireless bluetooth barcode scanner will make the transaction experience seamless and keep customers coming back.

Intelligent Barcode Memory

Not only are the new barcode scanners wireless and bluetooth enabled, they come equipped with an intelligent internal memory feature. This will allow dispensary staff to scan items even when they are outside the 10 meter bluetooth zone. The internal memory stores the items that are scanned and syncs them with IndicaOnline’s point of sale software once it’s within range.

This capability is extremely helpful if your cannabis retailer employees like to service customers away from the register for a more personal experience. The 256 KB memory is capable of storing up to 2600 barcode scans which is more than enough for dispensary transactions.

Mobile Device Compatibility

Lastly, all cannabis retailers will want to connect their IndicaOnline point of sale software directly with the Inateck bluetooth barcode scanners. To begin making sales and onboarding marijuana inventory, dispensary staff only need to scan pairing codes to connect with the iPad that uses the Indica POS application. The manual for the Inateck barcode manual contains the pairing codes, but if you can also download and print the pairing instructions on their website.

We’ve compiled a brief list of additional features and a video below to help with pairing the Inateck bluetooth barcode scanners. If your California dispensary has obtained a annual cannabis business license, call us to ask about adding these barcode scanners to simplify Metrc inventory and sales.

  • USB2.0 Cable Connection and Bluetooth Connection Possible
  • Signal Range of up to 10m
  • Internal memory of 256 KB, more than 2600 data strings
  • Integrated 1800mAh Li-Ion battery
  • Continuous scanning barcode for more than one week
  • Offline Mode available