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An Easy Guide to Integrating IndicaOnline with Metrc Reporting Software

June 22, 2018

One area that tends to cause confusion among many cannabis retailers is integrating your dispensary point-of-sale system with the Metrc reporting software. We’d like to provide retailers with an easy yet comprehensive guide for setting up their Metrc integration that will alleviate some of this frustration.

IndicaOnline is committed to providing cannabis retailers with innovative compliance tools that simplify State reporting and minimize the margin of human error. Once integration is complete, dispensaries will have the capability to send real-time automated sales reports, streamline inventory receiving with barcode scanners, and use our intuitive package management tools.

Metrc Integration

The State of California contracted Metrc reporting software as its traceability partner to track sales of cannabis and cannabis products from seed to sale. All licensed retailers are responsible for daily reporting of their cannabis sales to the Metrc system. IndicaOnline is fully integrated with the Metrc system and will assist you in the reporting process. There are few things that a dispensary needs to do in order to be able to integrate their IndicaOnline account with the Metrc reporting software.

The most important aspect of successfully integrating IndicaOnline with Metrc is obtaining your annual business license from the California Bureau of Cannabis Control. Once your dispensary has acquired an annual business license you’ll be able to use your license number to login to Metrc and create an account.

Follow the steps below to simplify your Metrc integration:

1. Obtain Annual Cannabis License.

Only retailers with permanent/annual licenses can report to the Metrc system. If you currently have state temporary license, you will have to wait until the state issues you a permanent or Annual license to start reporting.

You can learn more about licensing and Metrc by visiting California BCC or Metrc Site.

2. Schedule and Complete Metrc Training

Metrc requires that everyone must complete an online training before they can get an account. Once you have the annual cannabis license, you should contact Metrc by phone 1-877-566-6506 or schedule your training online on their website HERE. All employees dealing with inventory and sales must complete the Metrc Training.

3. Receive Metrc Dispensary API.

As soon as you complete the required Metrc training you will receive a Metrc dispensary API key and can then integrate your IndicaOnline account.

4. Call an IndicaOnline Rep and Schedule the Integration.

Once Metrc gives you your dispensary API key call your IndicaOnline account representative to schedule the integration and training session.

Note: During the process of integrating your account with Metrc we will determine how many Metrc tags you will need to purchase to enter your beginning inventory into the Metrc account. After you have Metrc tags we will start creating the beginning inventory in Metrc. This process will happen overnight so there are minimum interruptions to your daily operations. Please note, to make sure all products are synced correctly, during the time of migration (3-4 hours at night) you will not be able to make any changes to your inventory.

5. Start Processing Sales and Send Live Reports to Metrc.

Once your account is integrated, IndicaOnline will report each transaction that has cannabis products to Metrc. All reporting will be done automatically, (without any clicks) and you will be able to track the status of each order in our easy to read interface.

While many cannabis point-of-sale systems claim to have fully integration with Metrc reporting software, very few are capable of automating incoming and outgoing inventory as well as sales reporting. If you find that your POS system is requiring you to export .csv files to upload to Metrc, it may be time to upgrade your dispensary software to IndicaOnline. Please contact us as soon as you receive your annual business license if you have any questions regarding our automated integration with Metrc.