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4 Essential Cannabis Retailer Inventory Tools

January 30, 2018

Keeping your dispensary stocked with a variety of marijuana products is necessary to meet customer demand. Tracking the amounts of each strain, concentrate, or edible can be confusing if your storefront doesn’t possess an advanced marijuana POS software. Cannabis retailer inventory must be accounted for to maintain compliance and profit margins.

In this article, we’ll go over a few essential cannabis retailer inventory tools that can help dispensaries reconcile counts and streamline tracking.

Track and Trace Capability

One of the primary conditions of State compliance is to ensure that every gram of cannabis is tracked and traced from seed to sale. Utilizing marijuana POS software that has the capability to scan the barcode of specific strain so that it can be tracked is paramount.

This functionality has now been included as a built-in feature of IndicaOnline’s all-in-one POS unit. Dispensary staff will now be able to quickly add new products into their inventory with one quick scan as well as adding it to an order during a transaction. Ensuring that every sale is traceable will keep your cannabis retailer compliant and prevent any product loss.

Low Stock Alerts

Another extremely helpful tool for managing dispensary inventory is low stock alerts. Ideally cannabis retailers want to order new stock well before running out of a particular product. If a popular strain is sold out, cannabis retailers could potentially be missing out on hundreds of dollars in sales.

Low stock alerts notify budtenders and managers when stock levels reach a specified number so that more inventory can be ordered to meet the demand. This type of reminder is essential to maintaining a healthy inventory, as low stock can often go unnoticed during the course of a busy day.

Website Integration

Updating your dispensary menus on your website or third-party listings such as Weedmaps and Potify can be tedious and time consuming. Implementing a marijuana POS software that can automatically update your online menus to reflect your current cannabis retailer inventory is imperative.

Integrating your inventory with online menu listings is one click away with IndicaOnline’s smart POS system. Syncing your cannabis retailer inventory will allow you to add or remove stock once and all other listings will make the update.

Strain Lab Results

When listing new products in your inventory it’s always a good idea to include lab results for each strain of marijuana. This feature will help inform dispensary employees and customers as to the potency and effects of each type of cannabis.

Entering this information will make it visible for customers when browsing though the menu via digital display or tablet. Knowledgeable clientele will appreciate seeing the lab results of each strain and possibly base their purchase on this information.

Taking advantage of these cannabis retailer inventory tools will simplify stocking your dispensary. Schedule a free demonstration to gain a fuller picture of how IndicaOnline’s inventory management tools can empower your cannabis retailer.