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3 Reasons Dispensaries Should Use an All-In-One POS Unit

December 18, 2017

As a marijuana dispensary owner, there are a few things to consider when shopping for marijuana POS system. First and foremost is the functionality of the register. There are several components that are required for a cannabis specific point-of-sale and external accessories can often be messy. Now imagine if you could combine all these hardware accessories into a single all-in-one POS unit.

Today we’ll cover a few reasons an all-in-one POS unit is a smart solution for any cannabis retailer.

Multiple Features

One of the major advantages of installing an all-in-one POS unit is multi-functionality. Building a dispensary POS system that has a barcode scanner, card swiper, receipt printer, and cash drawer included increases efficiency. Budtenders can process transactions quickly without having to use different devices.

Combining multiple features into a single register will also cut costs by eliminating the need to purchase external hardware. IndicaOnline is the first dispensary POS system to integrate marijuana software into an all-in-one POS unit capable of processing transactions, tracking inventory, managing staff, and creating patient profiles.

Smart Design

When designing our dispensary POS system, we consciously decided to work with the people who would be using it most. Owners, managers, and budtenders were searching for a point-of-sale solution that was both intuitive and simple to operate.

This is why we developed a software application that could be operated via an iPad tablet that could then be placed into POS register. The register serves as a charging station and along with the accompanying built-in functionality is the most power dispensary POS station on the market. Our smart design has revolutionized how budtenders checkout patients and provided cannabis retailers an affordable multi purposed POS register.

Reduce Clutter

Many marijuana dispensaries are modernizing the interior of their storefront to reflect a clean and contemporary aesthetic. Using marijuana POS systems that require several external attachments can create a clutter of wires and clunky hardware. IndicaOnline’s unique all-in-one POS unit offers a clean design that doesn’t detract from your store’s aesthetic.

Not only does our dispensary POS unit enhance the efficiency of your retail operation, our units presents a forward thinking, tech savvy environment that customers appreciate. Investing in our sleekly designed registers will reinforce your dispensaries legitimacy and convey a professional demeanor.