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4 Ways California Marijuana Dispensaries Can Streamline Customer Traffic

January 18, 2018

The legalization of recreational marijuana in California has ushered in a flood of new business for cannabis retailers. California marijuana dispensaries are already seeing record sales after only a couple of weeks. Handling the new influx of traffic has been difficult for many retailers as long lines seem to be the new normal.

While this a great problem to have, there are a few ways California marijuana dispensaries can avoid overcrowding. In this article, we’ll suggest a few ways cannabis retailers can streamline customer traffic using technology.

Customer Check-In

Processing customers at the point of entry can create a logjam if the receptionist is poorly equipped. Manually inputting each customer’s information would significantly slow down operations. Utilizing ID scanners and tablets to verify adult-use and medical marijuana patients will allow customers to enter at an expedited rate.

Validating age and verifying physician recommendations is simple with IndicaOnline’s innovative dispensary software. Arming your receptionist with this powerful technological tool will help keep customer traffic moving and improve your overall efficiency.

Customer Queue

California marijuana dispensaries that are worried about maintaining organization on the sales floor can benefit from a customer queue. Installing IndicaOnline TV will allow cannabis retailers to display a customer queue on high definition displays. This is one of the many functionalities that can benefit retailers.

Customers will be able to see the number of customers ahead of them and be called when it’s there turn to be served. This will also benefits budtenders who can call quickly establish a personal rapport by using the customer’s first name during the transaction.

Built-In Barcode Scanner

Another common procedure that can tend to slow down sales is checking out. In the past, weighing flower and attaching labels to packaging was a time consuming process. New cannabis regulations will force California marijuana dispensaries to transition to pre-packaged product.

This will certainly speed things up as budtenders will be able to quickly find the strain and quantity without worrying about weight. Built-in barcode scanners will be able to instantaneously ring up the cost per package streamlining transactions across the board.

Customer Purchase Limits

Now that California marijuana dispensaries are operating in a fully regulated marketplace, customers will be limited on how much cannabis they can purchase in a day. Calculating these limits for large transactions can potentially bring an otherwise smooth sale to a grinding halt. Not only are there restrictions on the amount of flower that can be purchased but product equivalencies for concentrates.

Fortunately smart dispensary software can automate these calculations and notify budtenders when limits are met or exceeded. Not only will these alerts keep your cannabis retailer compliant but it will free up budtenders to process sales swiftly and effectively. Sign-up for a free 14-day trail to see how IndicaOnline’s dispensary POS software can speed up your operation.