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Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Cannabis Delivery Service

September 14, 2018

Running a cannabis delivery service requires a lot of effort and experience to really be successful. It seems like almost every day-to-day errand can now be delivered directly to your door and shopping for cannabis is no different. Sustaining a profitable cannabis delivery service means that business owners have to be willing to evolve with regulations and technological advancements.

In this article, we’ll mention a few ways that a cannabis delivery service can improve their business model and provide exceptional service to clientele in their own home.

Analyze Customer Insights

Understanding the buying habits of your delivery clientele is extremely important in meeting their needs and catering to their preferences. Utilizing your marijuana delivery software you can see detailed reports on best selling items by category: flower, concentrate, edible, etc. This information can inform how you purchase inventory and the quantity of product you need for different times of the year.

It’s also very helpful to know what areas typically generate the highest number of orders as well as the most overall sales. Advanced delivery software can collect this data so you can prioritize how you engage with your customers. Maybe it’s better to invest in outdoor advertising in areas where delivery orders have been fluctuating to raise brand awareness. IndicaOnline can breakdown delivery data into zip codes so you can geotarget your digital marketing to a specific audience.

Understand Delivery Compliance

Maintaining compliance should always be a top priority for any marijuana business, so it’s absolutely imperative for a cannabis delivery service to be aware of all regulations regarding delivery sales. Understanding how much product delivery drivers can have onboard, inventory ledgers, and destination logs is essential to protecting your delivery business license.

It’s also critical to find drivers who have a clean driving record who you can trust won’t use cannabis while fulfilling orders on the road. You want to make sure that your delivery drivers fully understand the compliance regulations and won’t potentially jeopardize you dispensary by making careless mistakes.

Establish Customer Rapport

Providing a consistently quality product and service to your customers is a great way of building trust with your clientele. Establishing a strong customer rapport requires reliability and a commitment to customer satisfaction. For a cannabis delivery service its important to have couriers who listen to customers and can suggest products that will meet their specific needs.

Having the ability to accomodate last minute delivery requests is also a great way to earn the trust of your customers. Using cannabis delivery software that allows a dispatcher to view the onboard inventory of each driver will make it possible to make order adjustments. Lastly, it never hurts to ask for feedback from delivery customers regarding their experience. Not only will this provide valuable information on how you can improve but it keeps them engaged.

Streamline Order Fulfillment

Before an order ever goes out for delivery it must be prepared, packaged and assigned to a specific driver. It’s imperative to make this process as efficient as possible. Training your staff to how best to prepare and package orders is one way to speed up fulfillment but technology can really increase your turnover time.

Smart cannabis delivery software will allow the dispatcher to accept incoming orders from online as well as the phone. Once these orders have been accepted and created, they sync directly with packaging so that orders can begin being prepared immediately. After the order is prepared, the dispatcher can use IndicaOnline’s smart order assignment to find the best driver for each order. Delivery drivers only need to scan the barcode of the receipt with their mobile device to add it to their delivery queue.

Empower Your Delivery Drivers

Cannabis delivery drivers have huge responsibility to not only make deliveries in a timely fashion but also maintain compliance. Arming your delivery fleet with smartphone apps that empower them will allow them to stay organized and on target. They can scan the barcode on each order that goes out for delivery to add it to their queue and select their preferred navigation app to map the route to each location.

Once the couriers reach the drop-off location they can use their smartphone as a mobile register to verify the age of the customer and process transactions. The process is completely paperless and the receipt is emailed to customers once the purchase is complete. IndicaOnline’s delivery application seamlessly transitions back into delivery mode so they can be on their way to the next drop-off point. Learn more about our innovative cannabis delivery software by signing up for free 14-day trial.