smart order assignment

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IndicaOnline Introduces Smart Order Assignment for Marijuana Delivery Services

August 22, 2018

IndicaOnline recently released smart order assignment, a new innovative feature for marijuana delivery services that helps dispatchers and couriers fulfill orders more efficiently. Smart order assignment is now able to suggest the best courier for each order based on the optimum delivery time frame.

Smart Order Assignment

Dispatchers for marijuana dispensaries and delivery services can now preset the amount of time orders need to be delivered to customers. Smart order assignment ensures that no customer is left waiting longer the allowable time frame. Couriers who are able to make deliveries within the optimum time frame will automatically be suggested to the dispatcher once the order has been placed.

The delivery dispatcher will no longer need to guess which courier can fulfill an order the fastest with smart order assignment. Removing the guesswork and allowing the software to calculate the best driver and route will make delivery services more efficient and effective. Delivery drivers will spend less on fuel and dispatchers will have the advanced tools they need to meet the growing demand of online orders.

Navigation Integration

IndicaOnline recently integrated with Google Maps Enterprise API that is capable of providing real-time route updates based on heavy traffic, construction, or accidents that could possibly delay deliveries. This means if a delivery driver is dropping off an order and an accident occurs on the route to his next drop off, the application will automatically adjust the directions to avoid the accident. The IndicaOnline delivery application will then re-route the courier to other order locations to ensure that all are delivered in the ideal time frame.

Another advantage of our navigation integration is the option for customers to select either curbside or doorfront delivery. This is beneficial for both delivery couriers and clientele as those who select curbside will typically get their order faster. For customers who want doorfront delivery, they’ll be able to provide specific directions to their location so couriers don’t have to waste valuable time searching for their door.

Paperless Transactions

Delivery couriers are able to process paperless transactions right from their mobile smartphone. They’ll be able to upload and verify every patient’s medical recommendation by simply taking a photo of their documentation. Customers can also provide digital signatures for credit card transactions and digital agreements. Once the transaction is complete, couriers can send a digital receipt to the customer via email and head off to the next delivery location.

Giving delivery couriers the capability to process transactions using their smartphone not only looks professional but it provides a user friendly way to fulfill orders. IndicaOnline has developed one of the most comprehensive cannabis delivery applications and continues to evolve with changing compliance regulations. To learn more about our delivery software, schedule a demo to speak with someone about our latest feature, smart order assignment.