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New Permanent Regulations in California Benefit Marijuana Delivery Services

July 16, 2018

Last week, the California Bureau of Cannabis Control released a proposal for the permanent regulations for cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. The regulations clarify several areas of compliance such as licensing, advertising, returns, and even marijuana delivery. Marijuana delivery services have been limited in the past due to jurisdictional bans by some cities and counties.

Statewide Marijuana Delivery

The new regulations have given new life to marijuana delivery services stating, “A delivery employee may deliver to any jurisdiction within the State of California.” The new regulations will undergo a 45-day public comment period, and if adopted permanently cannabis retailers could provide delivery to customers anywhere in the state regardless of local bans.

While storefront dispensaries may not be allowed in certain cities where local officials have decided to prevent cannabis sales, retailers can expand their marijuana delivery services to reach these customers. Cannabis retailers may be spending a little more on expenses to service these areas, however the amount of clientele gained will more than makeup for those costs.

Increased Onboard Inventory

Under the emergency regulations some city attorneys interpreted the statute noting cities couldn’t stop marijuana delivery services from using public roads as they were allowed to travel through but not make stops. The new wording in the permanent regulations leaves no room for misinterpretation and couriers making deliveries in these jurisdictions will now feel more protected from local authorities.

One recent amendment to the regulations will make it easier for marijuana delivery services to make multiple stops in cities where there are no dispensaries. In early June, California regulators increased the amount of onboard inventory that could be carried by delivery couriers from $3,000 worth of product to $10,000 worth of product.

Marijuana Delivery Software

This will not only make it more cost effective to service these areas but if marijuana delivery services are utilizing an advanced delivery applications such as IndicaOnline, they’ll be able to optimize delivery times. Dispatchers can use GPS tracking to locate all drivers and smart order assignment will suggest the best courier for each order.

Using a marijuana delivery application can also transform courier smartphones into mobile registers so they can checkout customers from anywhere. IndicaOnline’s delivery software also allows marijuana delivery drivers to map their route around construction, accidents, and heavy traffic to ensure the fastest possible delivery.  Schedule a demo to find out more about our innovative cannabis delivery applications and how your dispensary can service those hard to reach locations.