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The Importance of Staff Permissions at Marijuana Dispensaries

July 18, 2019

There are various employee roles at cannabis dispensaries and each of these has their own unique job responsibilities. Marijuana retailers that optimize their store by implementing cannabis specific point-of-sale software often want to control the amount of access of each dispensary employee. Implementing a POS system that provides customizable staff permissions is an important part of maintaining compliance, security, and accountability.

Deciding on Permissions for Staff

Receptionist: The dispensary receptionist is the first point of contact for customers and should be friendly face while intaking customers. Their primary responsibilities are welcoming walk-ins, creating customer profiles, and verifying age and any medical cards. They must have access to view and manage all customer information, but do not need to access to expenses, inventory amount, or gross sales numbers.

Budtender: Budtenders will also need access to customer profiles but they mainly need to be able to process sales and occasionally move inventory from the safe to the shelf. You can always delegate more responsibilities to your more experienced and trusted budtenders but the managers usually oversee any shifting of inventory.

Inventory Buyer: Some dispensaries hire someone who’s sole responsibility is to manage all the inventory purchasing, and stocking. This role will need access to all inventory functionality, and be able to pay for product orders to vendors. Permissions must allow for them to transfer inventory from warehouse to store or even store to store. They will be responsible for dispersing product as needed.

Compliance Officer: Increased regulations are motivating many cannabis retailers to hire a compliance officer who is dedicated to ensuring all practices and products are state compliant. They will need to monitor sales transactions to prevent any violation of customer purchase limits, and inspect all inventory for proper labelling and packaging. They also need to manage all Metrc track-and-trace reporting.

Marketing Manager: The dispensary marketing manager is responsible for raising awareness and retaining customers that visit your shop. They will need to be able to send sms and email campaigns to the customer database to drive engagement. Granting them access to patient intake forms that reveal the most common referral sources will help them optimize their advertising budget. 

Store Manager: The store manager probably has the most staff permissions of anyone in the dispensary. They are responsible for paying expenses, managing staff scheduling, overseeing inventory control, and keeping the store running smoothly. Allowing them to access all areas of the POS software will help them identify where improvements can be made.

Store Owner: The dispensary owners will likely want to have all of the permission so they can also have full functionality. Owners like to serve as overwatch and have the ability to make changes if the manager falls ill. Some dispensary POS systems offer mobile analytics apps that are perfect for on-the-go owners to see real-time sales numbers, customer traffic, and most popular products.