first-time marijuana users

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An Easy Guide on Educating First-Time Marijuana Users

October 11, 2017

As the marijuana legalization trend sweeps across America, dispensaries and cannabis retailers will encounter a plethora of first-time marijuana users. These potential customers may require a bit more attention and guidance than regular patrons, but taking time to introduce various products will be well worth it. 

Pique Their Interest

It can be daunting for a first-time marijuana users entering a dispensary. The variety of cannabis products can be overwhelming and it’s important for budtenders to be patient while educating cannabis newbies. Presenting options that cater to the customers preferences is an acquired skill that will leave the customer feeling informed and empowered. 

Dispensaries must ensure that all promotional materials use language geared towards first-time users. Newcomers might not understand the difference between CBD and THC or Indica from Sativa so using detailed descriptions will prevent them from feeling excluded. Digital signage is a great way to inform new customers about product categories and descriptions. 

Marijuana Strains 101

For first-time marijuana users who want to delve into the world of cannabis flower, educating them on the differences between strains will be paramount. While a certain strain may smell good and look great to a new customer, the effects might not be exactly what they were expecting. Budtenders will first need help the customer weigh the pros and cons of indica strains as opposed to sativa strains or hybrid strains. Walking through the effects of each will be extremely helpful and showing a customer how to read product labels will be invaluable.

There is a big difference between telling someone about cannabis flower and teaching someone what to look for when selecting marijuana strains. Once a first-time user understands the meaning behind the varying levels of THC to CBD, they’ll be able to walk into any dispensary and choose a strain they’ll enjoy.

Consumption Methods

Many first-time marijuana user fears stem from how to consume the product. Understanding these fears will help budtenders steer them in the right direction. Using a bong might not be the best fit for someone trying cannabis for the first time. Instead, suggesting a pre-roll or vape pen might make them feel more comfortable. 

Discussing dosage is definitely a must when informing newcomers of the best way to consume cannabis products. Explaining to a new customer that people with lower tolerance might need to begin using low dosage medication is essential in assuring a pleasant experience. 

What To Expect

Unfortunately, the experience of using marijuana was stigmatized and demonized by previous generations. However most of those myths have given way to a more progressive understanding of the cannabis experience. Describing the effects of different strains is will allow the user to select a product that easily assimilates into their daily lives. Dispensary POS systems such as IndicaOnline are able to include product descriptions in the product profile making it easy for budtenders to access this information.

Listening to a new user’s concerns and answering their questions will likely provide clues on their desired experience. A customer who is seeking a solution to insomnia might prefer indica dominant strains or edibles. Providing informed descriptions of effects is the key to empowering first-time marijuana users to feel confident in a product they’ve selected. Any additional literature you can provide will be appreciated by these customers and often lead to their return.

Staying Legal

The majority of first-time marijuana users will have very little knowledge on the current legal statutes associated with cannabis. It is often the retailer that must inform customers on legal amounts to carry, consumption regulations, cultivation limits, and transportation methods. Budtenders should be able to inform customers on their questions and/or be able to direct them to resources that will provide legal answers.

As more states pass recreational and adult-use marijuana laws, dispensaries will definitely see an influx in first-time marijuana users. Preparing staff and marketing materials to cater to these customers will help them feel comfortable in the dispensary environment.