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How Cannabis Retailers Can Strengthen Storefront Security

March 2, 2018

Every cannabis retailer should understand that they are running a predominantly cash-based business. This means that there are dangers and threats that come with the territory. As such, it is a smart move to consider the ways in which you can strengthen your storefront security. Doing so helps you set a plan in place that help keep your product, your clientele, and your revenue secure.

Which vulnerabilities do you have to guard against?

Before you can even get started with figuring out how to strengthen the storefront security, you should be aware of some of the potential vulnerabilities you face. There has been a growing trend of robberies and burglaries that have plagued the cannabis industry, but these are only a small portion of the potential vulnerabilities you could be facing.  

You potentially have to guard against criminals, wayward employees, and your clientele as well. So setting up storefront security measures that help keep these vulnerabilities in check is the best way to go. Here’s what you need to know:

Install High-Security Door Locks

Your door locks are the gateway to your cannabis storefront, and as such, you should invest in high-security door locks to make those points of entry as protected as possible. There are several commercial door lock types that cannabis retailers can choose from. The option that you choose will be based on your location, the amount of foot traffic you experience on a given day, as well as any additional security concerns you might have.

Close attention should be paid to doors that are the primary point of entry. Installing high-security commercial door locks on these doors is the best way to minimize the threat of unauthorized access. However, this does not mean you should neglect to install secure locks on other points of entry or interior doors.  

Fortify Windows and Glass

If your storefront has any windows, or glass, present, it helps to strengthen these elements. Window fortification can either be done by installing window security bars, security grilles, or by taking advantage of window security film. These mechanisms are put in place to make it more difficult for your windows to be exploited by criminals.

Most burglars take advantage of windows and glass by staging smash and grab attacks. What if a burglar was able to walk up to your cannabis display case, smash it, and walk away with whatever product they wanted? Ideally, these are the kind of scenarios you are trying to prevent by fortifying window and glass at your storefront.

Properly Position Surveillance Cameras

The use of surveillance cameras is another great way to strengthen your storefront security. Installing security cameras, and placing them at appropriate vantage points, helps you monitor the events that occur in and around your dispensary. Many cannabis retailers overlook the benefits of surveillance cameras because they are viewed as a passive security measure.  

However, the presence of a security camera helps deter would be criminals and burglars from compromising your cannabis storefront. In the event of any unauthorized access, or in the event of a crime, your security camera footage can help apprehend the right perpetrators. You can also use cameras to document employee theft. If you install security cameras, you should make it a point to implement some software security features that help prevent cyber attacks.

Employ Security Guards

Security guards are another great security measure that you can use to thwart criminals and deter theft. This is not usually something that new cannabis storefronts can pull off, due to their budgetary restrictions. However, if it is a security measure you can afford, having an extra set of eyes and personnel guarding your store is not such a bad idea.

Security guards can help monitor the behavior of clientele and efficiently remove any risks or hazards as they arise. There are some security guards who can also stay after hours to provide additional layers of security when there is no one around.

Implement a Cash Storage Solution

In some instances, you do not have to implement any active security measures to strengthen your storefront security. Instead, you can simply take the time to institute systems that are bound to impact your security in the long run. One such system is your cash storage solution. Believe it or not, the way you handle cash as a cannabis retailer can either enhance or lower your security.

It is important for cannabis retailers to hammer out a streamlined system of storing and transporting cash that reduces the danger of theft. Ideally, it helps to make use of security devices like commercial safes for any in-house cash storage.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of factors that cannabis retailers have to take into consideration when they are attempting to strengthen their storefront security. The steps outlined above will help you strengthen your security a great deal, but never forget to stay vigilant when it comes to general safety practices. For instance, cannabis retailers should have a stringent hiring process in place that factors in security. Also, they should take additional steps that help keep the clientele away from unauthorized locations.