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5 Ways Cannabis POS Software Can Simplify Dispensary Operations

February 2, 2018

Utilizing technology to simplify dispensary protocols will not only make your business more efficient but allow staff to focus on serving customers. Installing cannabis POS software can significantly streamline operations and provide organization for marijuana retailers.

In this article, we’ll suggest a few ways that cannabis POS software can benefit both your staff and customers.

Easy Check-In

Making sure customers want to return starts with an easy check in. Filling out long written forms and waiting to be served can leave clientele feeling frustrated and unappreciated. Fortunately well designed cannabis POS software can speed up this process. Simply swiping a customers ID can bring up their profile and add them to the queue to be served.

Allowing patients to check-in using tablets is a great way to obtain customer information and hurry things along. Advanced point-of-sale systems can sync this information and create patient profiles with little to no effort. Applications such as E-Sign MD will allow customers to fill in their information, check-in, and sign forms digitally.  

Online Automation

It’s imperative for cannabis retailers to establish an online presence to be successful. Creating a website and taking advantage of business listings such as Weedmaps, Leafly, and Potify can generate more business for dispensaries.

Including your current menu online will allow customers to shop online before ever entering your storefront but keeping your menus up-to-date can be challenging. Integrating your cannabis POS software with these online services will automate dispensary inventory updates so customers aren’t confused about what’s in stock.  

Inventory Management

Marijuana dispensaries see a constant turnover of inventory and keeping an accurate count of stock can be confusing. Using cannabis POS software, such as IndicaOnline, simplifies this process using built-in barcode scanners, and integrated scales. Adding new products to the inventory is painless and more importantly precise.

When products are selling fast it can be difficult to notice when they are getting low. Ordering more before it runs out is essential to keeping your customers satisfied and sales stable. Cannabis POS software can notify staff with low stock alerts that will send as soon as product reaches a specific weight or unit amount.

Compliance Integration

Abiding by state cannabis regulations is a vital part of keeping your marijuana dispensary compliant. Reporting inventory and sales numbers is an integral part compliance. Integrating your cannabis POS software with state reporting systems can save time and headache for dispensary owners and managers.

In order to activate this functionality, dispensary staff may be required to take certification courses online or in person to establish an account with the reporting system. After certification is completed, integration is as simple as entering the API provided by Metrc. It’s well worth taking the time to become certified to access this convenient functionality.

Onboarding Employees

Hiring new employees at your cannabis retailer is often followed by a challenging training period. Onboarding new dispensary staff members is faster than ever before with cannabis POS software that offers an easy to use interface. Using tablets to process transactions is more intuitive for inexperienced budtenders.

Once they become familiar with how to quickly ring up items and complete checkout they can start servicing customers. Advanced functionality can be learned in a matter of days not weeks. IndicaOnline provides simple solutions for several dispensary tasks that will have your cannabis retailer running smoothly. Sign-up for a free 14-day trial to see how our cannabis POS software can benefit your business.