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4 Dispensary Software Security Measures

February 12, 2018

Recently, one of the major seed-to-sale software services have proven susceptible to cyber attacks. These attacks can compromise dispensary software security leading to data theft and service interruptions.

When selecting a cannabis POS system, it’s always important to research how data is stored and secured. Preventing dispensary software security breaches is as simple as selecting a service that is dedicated to staying ahead of online hackers.

In this article we’ll discuss a few must-have security features when it comes to your cannabis retailer POS software.

Two Factor Authentication

Often times cyber attackers use traditional methods to access your account by simply figuring out your password. Two factor authentication eliminates these threats by requiring a second step every time you login.

An additional layer of protection such as phone authentication ensures that only authorized users are granted access to the software. Using something physical like a phone as a second step, deters cyber attackers and is a necessary dispensary software security component.

Secure Cloud

Rather than having a bulky server containing all your data inside your dispensary, most cannabis retailers prefer services that provide secure cloud based storage. Any time medical information is stored or transferred it must meet certain legal guidelines.

Before investing in a point-of-sale software for your cannabis retailer, you’ll want to make sure that the cloud storage is HIPAA certified. These laws were enacted to protect the information of the patients and any dispensary software security that doesn’t meet these qualifications is highly susceptible to invasion.

File Encryption

In an effort to thwart advanced hackers, unauthorized retrieval is impossible with 256-bit SSL file encryption. File encryption allows you to encrypt your databases using keys only you can manage. It is imperative to your dispensary software security that all files are encrypted both in transit and at rest.

IndicaOnline POS software uses Amazon Aurora as a cloud server which is one of the most secure services on the market. Having the peace of mind that your business and customer data are safe from online predators is increasingly important for marijuana dispensaries.

Secure Data Centers

Of course all of the dispensary data must be physically stored somewhere and it’s worth inquiring how secure these facilities are when investing in cannabis software. IndicaOnline stores all information in maximum security storage centers in multiple locations guarded by armed personnel.

The concept behind having multiple locations is even if one becomes compromised, it can be shut down and there is always a backup that is safe and secure. Combating cyber attacks is an evolving science and developers must be diligent to stay ahead of potential threats. We at IndicaOnline understand the value of our clients data and take pride in our security track record. Sign-up for a free 14-day trial to see why so many have made the switch to our reliable dispensary POS software.