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How Dispensary Software Can Improve Visibility for Cannabis Retailers

October 15, 2018

Raising awareness for your dispensary is essential to growing your clientele. Cannabis retailers are always looking for new ways to reach new customers. Installing dispensary software that improves your storefront visibility online is a surefire way to appeal to consumers.

In this article, we’ll mention a few ways cannabis retailers can use their dispensary point of sale to increase the visibility of their business online.

Website Integration

Every dispensary needs a website to reach a wider audience, but having the capability to integrate you point of sale software with your website can really grow your business.  If your cannabis retailer uses WordPress, you can integrate it with IndicaOnline to create an online webstore that will generate ecommerce sales. Your clientele will be able to order pickup or delivery directly from your website and your online menu will update based on what’s in stock.

Setting up an ecommerce store on your website will allow you to link directly to the menu and will result in more advertising conversions. Driving traffic to your web store will increase your brand visibility and convert it into a real money maker. This can be accomplished by any cannabis retailer with a WordPress website and the WooCommerce plugin.

Menu Listings

If your dispensary doesn’t have a profile on Weedmaps and Leafly, you’re doing something wrong. These are the two most widely used third-party dispensary directories on the internet. However one drawback to their menu listings is that they constantly have to be updated by dispensary staff to reflect the current inventory.

Implementing dispensary software can automate these inventory updates so customers will never be surprised by an out of stock product when they arrive in-store. Integrating your point of sale system with Weedmaps and Leafly will streamline menu updates and prevent customers from leaving negative reviews due to out-of-stock products.

Marketing Tools

One of the best ways dispensary software can improve visibility for cannabis retailers is including advanced marketing tools within the POS system. Sending email marketing campaigns to existing clientele is imperative to driving consistent traffic to your storefront. Notifying customers about upcoming specials, events, and loyalty benefits is essential to gaining more followers.

For more immediate messaging, cannabis retailers can send SMS messages to alert consumers of limited time deals. This creates that sense of urgency for dispensary clientele but should also be used sparingly so they won’t block the number. Increasing your brand visibility also includes increasing visibility for your deals, discounts, and special offers so using dispensary software with built-in marketing tools is paramount.

Potify Page

Raising awareness for your cannabis retailers just got a whole lot easier. Dispensaries that use IndicaOnline point of sale system receive a free Potify profile that syncs with existing inventory. Customers will be able to see your store information, product menu, reviews, and daily deals. This will increase exposure to hundreds of new customers and even allow them to order delivery or pick-up from your custom Potify page.

There are many advantages to using IndicaOnline’s dispensary software but improving the visibility of your cannabis retailer is just the tip of the iceberg. Schedule a demo to learn more about our innovative cannabis specific POS system and sign up for a free trial to start streamlining your dispensary operations.