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7 Questions When Hiring Dispensary Management

February 2, 2018

The legalization of recreational marijuana has ushered in a flood of new cannabis customers and dispensaries have been struggling to keep up. Hiring new staff that are qualified can be difficult for cannabis retailers so it’s important to be thorough during the interview. In addition to hiring sales members, finding dispensary management with experience who are responsible and accountable is imperative.

Today we’ll set forth a few interview questions that can help you determine if candidates are qualified for dispensary management.

Why are your interested in a management position?

Understanding someone’s motivation for seeking a role as a manager is very important. Some candidates might be more attracted to the salary than actually being part of growing business. Applicants who voice their ambitions to be successful and show strong leadership skills are ideal for dispensary management roles.  

How would you deal with a customer dispute?

As a manager dealing with disgruntled customers is something that will happen. Knowing how to respond in such an encounter is essential in diffusing the situation. When hiring dispensary management, finding an applicant who is diplomatic is crucial. Finding ways to solve the problem that is mutually beneficial is ideal but having the courage and confidence to stand up for staff are desired characteristics.

What would you do if you noticed a compliance infraction?

Violating compliance can jeopardize a cannabis retailer and risk revocation of the business license. Rectifying compliance issues is often left to the manager on duty during the time of the infraction. Inquiring how potential managers would deal with a compliance violation will help owners choose the best candidate. Those who understand compliance protocol will likely be the best option.

If you witnessed a dispensary staff stealing, how would you respond?

This question is very telling of how honest and trustworthy an applicant might be if they were to witness theft from a fellow staff member. The marijuana industry is predominantly a cash business and stealing money or product is a common occurrence. A good manager will put relationships aside a take the necessary disciplinary action.

What is your management style?

Asking potential applicants to describe their management style will provide valuable insight into their personality as well. Managers who tend to be too controlling can micromanage other employees creating resentment. On the other hand, dispensary management that is too hands off can quickly allow the business to run amuck. Hiring an individual who possess a balance of both with a vibrant personality will serve you retailer well.

Do you possess any certifications for the marijuana industry?

Checking to see if any applicants have taken training or been certified to work in the cannabis industry could be very influential in deciding who to hire. Experienced managers may already be certified with the Metrc reporting system that is mandated for compliance. Those who have taken the initiative to learn new skills and acquire additional knowledge about running a cannabis business will often be a valuable addition to the team.

Are you familiar with dispensary point-of-sale software?

As an owner of a cannabis retailer, you want to ensure that a new manager has at least some comprehension of dispensary POS software. While there are several cannabis software providers and each has its own interface, many of the basic operations are the same. Allowing potential managers to elaborate on their experience using point-of-sale technology is recommended. It may even be worth introducing them to the software to test their knowledge.