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Top 5 Reasons to Update your Cannabis POS Software

November 28, 2017

It’s no surprise that many marijuana dispensaries will be reevaluating how they do business with the impending regulations in California. Adjusting staff protocols and store policies will be necessary to maintain compliance. Updating your dispensary cannabis POS software is something every marijuana retailer should consider when planning for the future.

Today, we’ll highlight a few reasons to install a fresh new cannabis POS software into your dispensary storefront.

Compliance Reporting

One of the most important aspects to consider when updating your cannabis POS software is state compliance. Does the software automate compliance reporting? Will it notify staff of customer purchase limits? These are critical features that a well-designed cannabis POS software should include.

California has already announced it will be using METRC as a reporting software for cannabis retailers. Ensuring your cannabis POS software is capable of integrating with this software will save your dispensary time and stress. Setting up sales, expense, and inventory reports to automatically submit every day, week or month is paramount to keep your storefront or delivery service compliant.

Digital Display

Serving more customers in the same amount of time is a goal every dispensary should aspire to in 2018. Cannabis businesses should certainly consider using digital signage to inform customers to help them make decisions. Medical marijuana patients or recreational customers are inclined to choose products faster if they’re able to view the menu on a digital display that includes product images, descriptions, and discounts.

Implementing cannabis POS software that can sync with digital display devices such as Apple TV will give owners capability to provide valuable information to customers. Adding a patient queue to digital signage will keep you business organized and efficient. Dispensary owners can even target advertisements in real-time to customers in-store. Connecting your cannabis POS software to a digital display is definitely a feature you’ll want to implement in your marijuana retailer.

Delivery Capability

Marijuana storefronts may want to start a delivery service to supplement sales once cannabis is recreational legal. Offering this type of convenience service will allow your business to gain new patients and collect even more contact information from customers. Operating a delivery service using you cannabis POS software will be a major advantage.

Starting in 2018, every dispensary delivery courier will be required to have a device for GPS tracking. Our IndicaOnline delivery application includes GPS tracking so dispatch can assign orders to drivers near a customer’s location. Utilizing cannabis POS software that comes with this functionality standard will save your dispensary a lot of money.

Customer Insights

Analyzing customer insights is a great way for cannabis business owners to better understand what is selling and where things can improve. Updating your dispensary with cannabis POS software capable of generating real-time analytics is essential to success.

IndicaOnline has developed a mobile application, Dashboard, that provides this service at no extra cost. Cannabis retail owners and managers can view customer insights and sales analytics from any mobile device. This is extremely helpful when traveling to multiple dispensary locations over the course of a day.  

Inventory Management

Adopting cannabis POS software that can easily track flower from seed-to-sale is imperative to keeping accurate stock counts. Under the new regulations, all marijuana will be tracked using RFID barcodes so using a POS unit that comes with a RFID barcode scanner will help streamline inventory intake.

Scanning strains at checkout will automatically add them to the customer’s order and cut down on transaction times. IndicaOnline offers a RFID barcode scanner built into the POS unit making it simple to add inventory and keep track of every gram of cannabis.