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5 Reasons Cannabis Retailers Should Use Digital Sign-In

July 25, 2018

One of the most important factors in keeping customers coming back to your dispensary is an efficient front of house. Using tablets for digital sign-in will ensure your clientele experience minimal wait times before entering the saleroom. Not only will it make your lobby look tech savvy, but it will save your staff from doing time consuming tasks.

In this article we’ll mention a few ways digital sign-in will create a seamless check-in process and improve the overall customer experience.

Automated Data Entry

One of the biggest advantages of using digital sign-in tablets is the convenience of having it sync directly with your dispensary software. This is extremely helpful when creating profiles for new customers as all of their contact information will auto-fill in their customer profile.

This way your receptionist won’t have to solicit contact information that the customer might feel is too personal. There is also less chance of typos in their profile since they themselves are providing their information.

Quick Collective Agreements

Filling in several pages of forms and initialling each one was always a tedious ask of new clientele. Digital sign-in tablets allow customers to quickly scroll through collective agreements and initial or sign with ease.

The process takes considerable less time and doesn’t burden customers with a lengthy check-in process. Collective agreements can be customized based on the business model of each dispensary. Dispensaries that use IndicaOnline point-of-sale can easily download the E-Sign MD application and be up and running in no time.

Organized Customer Queue

If  your cannabis retailer uses digital signage, it’s possible to display a customer wait list or queue to keep your traffic organized. IndicaOnline has developed an Apple TV app that will provides this information on screen once a customer checks-in using the digital sign-in.

This way your clientele will be able to view their position in line. The customer queue only shows the customers first name to maintain anonymity but can be extremely helpful during peak hours and busy days.

Collect Referral Sources

Customizing sign-in forms to ask for the referral source from each customer is a great way to see the effectiveness your marketing and advertising campaigns. If your marijuana business is spending valuable marketing dollars without knowing what’s working, you could be wasting your budget.  

Providing a drop down list of all of your advertising outlets will allow customers to select where they heard about your dispensary. If you are not seeing many conversions from a specific source, it might be time to allocate those funds to one that is driving traffic to your retailer.

Go Paperless

Multi-page paper forms not only delay the entry process but it can also be extremely costly to purchase paper and printer ink for a large amount of forms every month. Going paperless can potentially save your business hundred of dollars in printing cost and provide more internal organization.

E-Sign MD is the perfect digital sign-in solution for marijuana dispensaries and your new and existing customers will appreciate the expedited check-in process. Learn more about customizing your forms and syncing directly with your dispensary POS software by scheduling a demo.