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Top 5 Ways Recreational Cannabis Will Change Dispensaries

December 4, 2017

Marijuana dispensaries will be faced with several changes as state’s transition from medical marijuana to recreational cannabis. Preparing for these changes will give retailers a competitive advantage and strategy for success in the expanding market.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the changes cannabis retailers can expect with adult-use legalization approaching.

Increased Traffic

One of the best aspects of recreational cannabis legalization will be a dramatic influx in dispensary traffic of varying demographics. Licensed cannabis retailers will be receiving more business than ever before and need to take steps to ensure they’ll be ready to handle a high volume of customers.

Staffing up for the increase in foot traffic is highly recommended. Hiring additional budtenders and installing multiple dispensary POS units will be hugely beneficial in servicing more customers. Expediting transactions will be an integral part of processing more clientele and maintaining a high rate of customer retention.

Strain Connoisseurs

In addition to the boom in clientele, dispensaries will likely see specific strains standout as customers learn which strains treat certain ailments. Popular strains will be increasingly in demand as consumers become more educated on the benefits of each.

Unnamed flower will likely be product of the past, as cannabis retailers will only stock their inventory with marijuana that can be easily identified as well-known strains. When serving strain connoisseurs, budtender might also want to mention any associated lab results to help the customer make an informed decision.

Consumption Methods

Another area where recreational cannabis retailers might notice some changes is an increase in the diversity of consumption methods. Since there are often many newcomers when recreational cannabis becomes available, not all of them are interested in smoking flower. Some customers will prefer healthier ingestion methods such as edibles, tinctures, or drinks.

Catering to customers who prefer alternative means of consumption will be extremely important in growing your business. Smart dispensary POS software will allow staff to categorize customers who prefer edibles or tinctures over flower. Targeting these categories with taylor made promotions and discounts will convert customers into loyal shoppers.

Marketing Messaging

In the past, dispensary marketing messaging has focussed on reaching customers who were more concerned with the psychoactive effects than the medical benefits. This is a marketing trend that will take a backseat as recreational cannabis takes effect.

Most recreational cannabis retailers will likely opt for an approach that highlights the medical and health benefits associated with marijuana. Conveying a professional business demeanor will attract a wider ranging demographic than just marketing to stoners.  

Tech Takeover

Many dispensaries will take this as an opportunity to redesign the interior of their storefront and include technology that can streamline operations. The days of dark and seedy sales rooms are long gone. Presenting a bright and clean interior that utilizes state-of-the-art technology will create broader appeal among loyal clientele and first-time customers.

Updating your dispensary POS unit is paramount in optimizing your cannabis retailer for recreational cannabis legalization. Utilizing advanced software to manage your patient’s information, verify their credentials, and run digital marketing campaigns will be a major asset.

Integrating a dispensary POS system that is also capable of displaying digital signage will help organize and inform customers. Installing flat screen TVs that can show patients your current menu, a customer queue, daily discounts, and entertaining videos will convince them of your commitment to customer service and appreciation.