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4 Must Have Features for Cannabis Compliance Software

November 20, 2017

As the new California cannabis regulations take effect, state compliance will be more important than ever before. Implementing cannabis compliance software will help your dispensary meet all regulations without devoting employee hours to data entry and tracking sales.

When deciding which point-of-sale system you should use to keep your business compliant, there are a few specific features to look for. In this article, we’ll discuss the best to determine which cannabis compliance software is best for your dispensary.

METRC Integration

California announced in June of this year that they will be enlisting the services of Franwell’s METRC software to track compliance for all marijuana related businesses. Utilizing a cannabis compliance software that seamlessly integrates reporting with METRC will be critical for marijuana retailers.

Reporting sales, expenses, and inventory data can be done on a daily basis to pinpoint any discrepancies before a violation occurs. Automating this process will save dispensary owners and investors time and alleviate the fear of being shut down due to a compliance error.

RFID Barcode Tracking

One of the most important features a cannabis compliance software should have is a RFID barcode scanner. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) in combination with unique serial numbers is how METRC will track and trace all cannabis from seed to sale.

Ensuring your dispensary point-of-sale is capable of reading RFID will allow budtenders to easily scan cannabis and log each sale for reporting purposes. This feature will also save time when adding new product from distributors into your retail inventory.

Purchase Limit Alerts

New compliance regulations specify that a recreational marijuana customer is only allowed to purchase 28.5 grams of non-concentrated cannabis and 8 grams of concentrated cannabis in a single day. Medical marijuana patients limits are significantly higher as they’re allowed 8 ounces in a single day unless otherwise stated by their physician.

Calculating these limits could potentially create some confusion at checkout if your business is using an inferior POS software. Advanced cannabis compliance software keeps track of these limits during every transaction and will alert staff when purchase limits are met or exceeded. Overselling to a customer could be a fatal mistake especially if sold to a peace officer decoy.

GPS Delivery Tracking

Tracking delivery couriers is another area of compliance that has been addressed by the recently released cannabis regulations. GPS tracking devices will now be required by all couriers to be either permanently or temporarily affixed to the vehicle during operation hours. This will effect all marijuana delivery service providers within the State of California

Acquiring a cannabis compliance software capable of syncing with smartphones to track each delivery driver’s location will be essential starting in 2018. Fortunately, IndicaOnline has already developed this feature in preparation for the new regulations. Initiating the dispatcher mode in our powerful POS software provides real-time tracking for each individual driver.

In fact, IndicaOnline can provide solutions for all the previously mentioned compliance regulations and will streamline reporting for your cannabis retailer. Setup a free demo to learn more about how we can ease the stress of staying state compliant.