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An Easy Guide to Starting a Marijuana Delivery Service

November 14, 2017

Establishing a marijuana delivery service for your dispensary may seem overwhelming at first but with the right POS software you can be up and running in no time. Offering your clientele this type of convenience will help your cannabis retailer compete in the fast expanding marijuana industry.

To simplify the process of setting up a marijuana delivery service we’ve offered an easy guide to help you get started.

Delivery Drivers

Hiring couriers is probably the most difficult part of creating a delivery service. Finding candidates who have previous experience and can be trusted to do the job effectively is paramount. Depending on your service area, you may need to hire as many as eight drivers who can cover different shifts.

Holding these couriers accountable for delivering the orders in a timely fashion will depend on the technology you use. Fortunately advanced point-of-sale systems can sync with courier’s mobile devices using downloadable applications that communicate with the POS software. This will allow the drivers to accept orders and be tracked in real-time using their GPS location.

Before deciding to hire any courier, you’ll want to perform a background check and make sure they have a clean driving record. Major traffic violations or crimes should automatically disqualify a candidate since there is too much at stake to risk a potential accident or seizure by authorities.

Delivery Dispatchers

Acquiring a delivery dispatcher who is able to stay calm and collected in the midst of an onslaught of orders is imperative to the success of a marijuana delivery service. Equipping you delivery dispatcher with the appropriate tools can improve their efficiency and make their job much easier.

Superior POS software provides information on couriers location, number of deliveries, current inventory, and estimated time of arrival which is essential in keeping orders organized. Advanced features, such as smart order assignment, provide suggestions on the best driver for each order. This type of automation empowers dispatchers and optimizes your marijuana delivery service.

Map Routing

Fulfilling delivery orders in an urban city can be stressful if you’re unfamiliar with area. Fortunately, our mobile delivery app allow drivers to map the route to each destination using popular navigation applications such as Waze and Google maps.

Utilizing a delivery app that integrates with navigation will help couriers save time, fuel, and money. Avoiding traffic jams, accidents, and road construction can improve delivery times and customer satisfaction. Finding each destination is quick and easy as long your fleet implements a delivery app that is compatible.

Mobile Registers

Once a courier reaches the customer location, making the transaction should be an effortless process. The IndicaOnline delivery application transforms smartphones into mobile registers that provide a completely paperless checkout. Couriers can create a patient profile for first-time customers by simply uploading photos of their state identification and doctor’s recommendation.

Customers are able to digitally sign collective agreements and view the details of their order with ease. Email receipts are sent to the customer once the payment is received and the dispatcher is notified once the transaction is complete.

Tracking important register and courier information is essential when evaluating the performance of each driver. Delivery insights will allow owners to see where improvements can be made and what products are selling well in specific zip codes.

Starting a delivery service for your dispensary will help reach more customers, but to do so you’ll need to choose a powerful point-of-sale software. IndicaOnline can help your business expand and simplify the delivery process.