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Minnesota Legislators Aim to Legalize Adult-Use Cannabis with New Bill

February 21, 2020

House Majority Leader Ryan Winkler (DFL), is looking to pass the best cannabis system in the country. Minnesota residents have been clear about their intentions. Cannabis laws have and will continue to do more harm than good. Senate Republicans say they will try to block the bill in their chamber. Along with Sen. Jeff Hayden (DFL), Winkler conducted a state-wide tour to get public input on the cannabis issue. 

Can Minnesota Legalize Cannabis?

Passing the bill will be no small feat. Republican leaders have stated their interest in blocking. A stance taken last year when the Senate committee killed a cannabis legalization bill last year. Furthermore, the panel had rejected a more modest proposal that would create a task force meant to study cannabis reform.

Additionally, logistical challenges will be faced in the House. While control remains with the Democratic-Farmer-Labor party, there are as many as 23 committees that may have a jurisdiction involved in the legislation. 

While Winkler has yet to release the bill, he has outlined several policy priorities for legalization during his press conference. Legislation would make taxes minimal in an effort to stop the illicit market from the beginning. The regulations would be small-business focused, allow for home cultivation and an equity proposal related to economic development. 

Residents Support Legalization

Governor Tim Walz has expressed his readiness for cannabis legalization. The legislative session will begin on February 11. Residents have voiced majority support in multiple surveys, involving nearly 20,000 participants collectively. Constituents and many top Minnesotan lawmakers are ready to move forward with responsible legalization of adult-use cannabis. 

The impact has been severely felt by black Minnesotans, coming at tremendous human and financial cost. Meanwhile, Republicans like Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka believe that legalization is not good for Minnesota.