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Maine Switches to Metrc Cannabis Tracking Software for Seed to Sale

March 11, 2020

The Office of Marijuana Policy (OMP) has announced their decision of choosing Metrc as the states cannabis tracking software. Already proving a standard in the market, Metrc will be tasked with monitoring Maine’s newly formed adult-use market for the next six years. A market that is only a few months away from going live with their first legal sales

Switching from BioTrack THC

The OMP was previously under contract with BioTrackTHC as their main software provider. Metrc is a cloud based software that uses RFID tags on plants and cannabis products to track cultivation and distribution within the cannabis industry. With the use of RFID technology Metrc can help divert consumers away from the illicit market allowing for a more transparent supply chain. 

The next few months will be geared toward helping the industry become acquainted with the new software. The six year contract to monitor the state cannabis industry comes at a value of roughly $540,000. State cannabis license holders pay a $40 monthly fee to access the system which in turn helps support the training and technical support programs. 

Metrc Packaging Labels

Plant tag and packaging label fees are $0.45 and $0.25 respectively. Regional roadshows will be conducted throughout Maine to provide a high-level introduction to Metrc. Afterwards Metrc will offer online training and evaluations before credentialing potential license holders. 

CEO of Metrc Jeff Wells says they’re excited to work with another legal state. Metrc is the most commonly used cannabis software programs used across the legal market. Including Maine, Metrc will now serve as the track and trace provider of 13 states and the District of Columbia. 

The service will be deployed in the emerging legal adult use market, a milestone expected this spring. The state will then shift gears to introducing track and trace solutions to the state’s pre-existing medical program.