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Attracting Senior Clients to Marijuana Dispensaries

March 27, 2019

There is a growing trend of marijuana dispensaries serving a larger quantity of senior citizen clientele. Elderly consumers who are seeking relief from age related aches and pains are starting to experiment with cannabis to reduce their symptoms. It is imperative that marijuana dispensaries actively pursue senior citizen clientele as they can quickly become reliable customers.

Senior Citizen Discount

Offering a senior citizen discount is one of the best ways to encourage elderly customers to return to your marijuana dispensary. It’s important for them to feel like they are appreciated and employing budtenders who can easily communicate the benefits of each product will only add to their experience.

Setting up a senior citizen discount using a smart dispensary point of sale will automatically apply the percentage at checkout. Every time a new patient or customer walks into your marijuana dispensary, the receptionist can create a profile and mark them in the senior citizen category. A large majority of senior citizens use cannabis products for medical reasons so providing them a savings opportunity each time they visit will keep them coming back.

Free Transportation

One common problem for senior citizens is actually getting to a marijuana dispensary. Many elderly no longer drive and navigating public transit can be tricky for those who have trouble walking. Some dispensaries have gone the extra mile and actually charter a “cannabus” for senior citizen clientele who live at retirement homes.

These senior living communities can often house hundreds of potential customers who are more likely to take advantage of free transportation to dispensaries. Scheduling a monthly bus trip for senior citizens is well worth the investment when they are purchasing multiple items during a single visit.

Targeted Marketing

Marketing to senior citizens might take more of a creative approach as many probably are not adept with social media, email, or even technology. It might be worth printing up flyers to place in retirement and nursing homes. Sometimes these communities have a daily or weekly newspaper that offers advertising space. This might be more effective that digital marketing and more cost effective.

One of the best ways to establish an initial relationship with these large retirement communities is to actually go there in person. If you’re able to raise awareness during a community meeting or weekly event and build a relationship with these senior citizens, it is very likely that they will become a patron. Find out if the community has a social media page or group and use this specifically for targeted marketing efforts.

Senior Citizen Referrals

There is no doubt that word of mouth is the best form of advertising and senior citizens are probably better than anyone when it comes to referring clientele. People who suffer from aging pains such as arthritis or joint pain are always looking for relief. If they are able to feel better with cannabis products without the side effects of prescription drugs, they are sure to talk about it.

This is why offering them a discount for every customer referral will only further incentivize them to tell their senior citizen friends. If someone hears that there is an alternative that is really working for someone else, they are very likely to try it themselves. Setting up a referral program for senior citizen clientele is simple when you use dispensary POS software that can automate everything at checkout.