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How Dispensary Software Empowers Cannabis Delivery Drivers

May 24, 2018

Managing a marijuana delivery service has its fair share of challenges but if you streamline operations with well designed dispensary software you can run it like a well oiled machine. Arming your cannabis delivery drivers with mobile applications that can sync directly with your point-of-sale system will give them the power to make smart decisions and successful transactions.

In this article we’ll highlight a few features that can equip cannabis delivery drivers to handle any situation and reduce in-transit time.

Route Mapping

The main priority for any cannabis delivery driver is to drive safely and efficiently as possible to their next destination. One way to keep your couriers focussed on the road and not their phones is to make sure they can accept orders with one-click and map their route with ease.

IndicaOnline’s mobile delivery application works in tandem with any navigation app to generate the fastest possible route. Using a third party navigation application such as Waze, Google Maps or Apple Maps will help cannabis delivery drivers avoid congested traffic, construction zones, and car accidents. Typically the fastest way to a destination will also be the most fuel efficient as well, saving couriers money at the pump.

Digital Agreements

Often times when making deliveries to new customers, there are certain forms and agreements that must be filled out before the purchase can be completed. Providing first-time customers with digital agreements that they can initial and sign with a touch of a button will make it easy for your clientele.

These digital agreements will automatically sync with the point of sale software and the agreement will be filed in the customer’s profile. In addition to the digital agreements, cannabis delivery drivers can upload photos of the new patient’s identification and doctor’s recommendation. All recommendations can be instantly verified in the mobile application so there is zero wait time to process the transaction.

Mobile Register

One of the most useful features for cannabis delivery drivers is the ability to transform their smartphones into a mobile register. If your dispensary couriers keep onboard inventory, the can easily change the order to include additional products. All transactions will be recorded in the point-of-sale database for compliance reporting and added to the patrons purchase history.

The customer can select their preferred method of payment, and any discounts or loyalty points can be applied right in the IndicaOnline application. If they choose to pay in cash, the mobile register will calculate the appropriate taxes and the amount of change owed to the customer.

Paperless Checkout

Another advantage to using the IndicaOnline mobile delivery application is that cannabis dispensary drivers can make checkout a completely paperless process. There is no need to make a copy or recommendations or provide paper collective agreements. All of this can be done digitally saving your dispensary money and time.

Even the receipts for transactions can be sent to the customers via email improving both transaction and delivery times. These delivery features are an integral part of optimizing your dispensary courier service and will set up your cannabis delivery drivers for success. Schedule a demo with one of our training agents to find out more about IndicaOnline’s delivery functionality.