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Federal Cannabis Legalization Bill Proposed by US Senator

July 15, 2021

Yesterday, much-anticipated news surfaced about federal cannabis legalization when Senator Chuck Schumer proposed a comprehensive bill. It wouldn’t be wrong if we deemed this news as perhaps the most critical ruling in regulating marijuana laws in the United States. Apart from the state cannabis laws and orders, lawmakers have been working tirelessly on the Federal level to make the herb legal throughout the United States.

Federal Cannabis Legalization Bill

In that regard, they were on and about to create a new legalization law that would ease the current rulings. The first pre opposed news about the verdict surfaced a few months back. People were inquisitive about the legislation as it would revolutionize the state of cannabis in the United States.

However, there was no further permanent news on the matter as whenever the media asked the officials about this, they replied, “It is coming soon.” Therefore, the hype about this legislation went off the charts. Finally, on Wednesday, the much-awaited bill reached the audience via a press conference held by Ron Wyden (Senate Finance Committee Chairman), Chuck Schumer (Senate Majority Leader), and Senator Cory Booker.

Since February, when the plans were initially unveiled, this was the first concrete public briefing regarding the subject. Furthermore, lawmakers are calling this legislation the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act.

The Legislation

Unfortunately, the exact details of the proposal are not yet available. However, experts have certainly made some deductions regarding the provisions of the ruling based on the response from Schumer.

The Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act will primarily serve to implement a proper, well-regulated taxation system that would ensure that the logistics run smoothly. Secondly, the bill will also seek to provide smaller, local businesses with the opportunity to upscale their enterprises by selling, processing, and dispatching marijuana.

This provision is perhaps the most anticipated one as it will ensure that the monopolies do not get control of this industry just like they have sabotaged other sectors.

Moreover, the legislation will also ensure the maintenance of public health. This parameter will be guarded by specific additional guidelines such as regulated use, prohibition to use pot unguarded, and only consuming the herb that a credible, board-certified vendor has sold.

These rulings are the holy grail of cannabis regulation laws in the state. For that reason, both the lawmakers and the general public are particularly elated after the press conference that took place recently. The sooner the bill gets passed, the better, as people are up and ready to make the most out of the herb.

Contributed by Ali H.