Dispensary Loyalty

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4 Dispensary Loyalty Programs to Retain Customers

October 25, 2017

Growing your dispensary doesn’t just mean you should be focused on acquiring new customers. Retaining your current customers is a big part of running a successful cannabis business. One of the best ways to keep your patients coming back is creating dispensary loyalty programs that reward returning clientele.

Today we’ll be discussing four loyalty programs that will motivate your patients to make your dispensary their mainstay.

Referral Rewards

Using referral rewards is a great way to enlist your current customer base to spread the word about your business in return for deep discounts. Typically this type of loyalty program will provide the current patient with a large allotment of points or a significant amount of savings on their next purchase. The new customer will also benefit as first-time patient receiving a gift bag or a few freebies making this type of dispensary loyalty program mutually beneficial.

Cashback Credits

It may seem daunting for dispensary staff to keep track of every patient’s cashback credits, however this is where using an advanced POS system can be extremely helpful. Defining the structure of cashback credits is the toughest decision you’ll need to make. Most medical marijuana dispensaries opt for a system where patients earn one credit for every dollar spent in store, but this preset is easily adjustable. After enough credits have been accrued, patient’s can use their credits to save on purchases.

Loyalty Cards

Implementing loyalty cards is probably the most popular loyalty program among dispensaries. Patients can get their card punched for every visit they make to the dispensary and after all their holes are punched they receive a free eighth or a generous discount on their purchase.

One of the reasons this type of dispensary loyalty program is so popular is because it the advantages for the dispensary are multi-faceted. Not only does it encourage customers to return more frequently but it is also a portable form of advertising. Patient’s will have access to all of your business information including your social networks and can easily recommend your business to friends or family.

Donation Matching

Lastly, a very effective dispensary loyalty initiative is donation matching. These types of loyalty rewards typically require a certain minimum purchase amount. After a patients spend a certain amount the dispensary will match the weight with one of their mid-grade house strains. Loyal customers are attracted to this type of program since it allows them to get the best bang for their buck.

Encouraging customer to return to your dispensary with the loyalty programs mentioned above will go along way in producing consistent profits. Using a smart dispensary POS system will remove most of the leg work and allow you to boost sales and clientele.