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Dispensary Compliance Officer Job Duties

August 27, 2020

In the hyper-regulatory world of cannabis retailers, a compliance officer is a lifeline. Since COVID-19, with so many laws changing very rapidly, it is vital to have a dedicated staff member (or team) following the latest regulations. Staying up to date with new laws and regulations is one of the many job duties of a dispensary compliance officer. One mistake in compliance will result in fines and could cause loss of your cannabis business license. 

Dispensary Compliance Officer Communications

A compliance officer or compliance manager communicates new laws and regulations to the employees of the dispensary. This means the compliance officer is responsible for establishing the culture of compliance at the dispensary. Deter improper behavior by setting a code of ethics and policies for your staff. Consider creating an SOP for how to communicate new compliance issues with employees in the quickest and most effective way possible as they arise. 

If and when a compliance infraction occurs, the cannabis compliance manager is responsible for investigating when it happened, how it occurred, and who was working at the time of the violation. Once the issue has been pinpointed, the compliance manager must then consult with upper management on how to proceed.

Establishing open communication with state and local regulators is an essential responsibility for a compliance manager. It’s also helpful to actually meet with regulators at workshops and hearings so you can establish a more personal relationship that will prove beneficial in the future. A dispensary compliance manager should also take an active role in state and local cannabis reform organizations that advocate for new legislation. Attending monthly meetings to learn about what local and state initiatives are underway so your retailer can support causes that benefit their business.

Inventory, Packaging & Labeling Compliance

Cannabis compliance managers will also assess and audit dispensary inventory to prevent any product loss. They will be an integral part of on-boarding new product. Regulations on product packaging and labeling are extremely detailed and elaborate. Selling products without all the appropriate information may seem minor but could very well end up costing your dispensary.

This is why operating a cannabis point-of-sale software that will integrate with custom label printers and RFID technology is invaluable. Printer compatibility will make it easy for labels to meet compliance regulations and save you hundreds in printing costs from a third-party.

Automated Reporting and AuditsDispensary Compliance Officer

Taking on Metrc reporting manually can be a daunting task for a dispensary compliance officer. IndicaOnline has developed automated reporting to alleviate this stress from dispensary owners and managers. There are specific criteria that Metrc requires from retailers when it comes to compliance reporting. Reporting sales, expenses, and inventory data can be done on a daily basis to pinpoint any discrepancies before a violation occurs. Automating this process will save dispensary owners and investors time and alleviate the fear of being shut down due to a compliance error.

Online Store and Delivery Compliance

COVID-19 rushed a slew of new cannabis regulations across the USA, especially regarding online orders and deliveries. Potify is IndicaOnline’s synced and automated online and delivery ordering platform. IndicaOnline’s delivery software automatically keeps track of orders, GPS location, and turn-by-turn manifests to keep you and your drivers compliant. Wireless bluetooth printers make your drivers’ lives easier.

Choosing the right person to be your dispensary’s compliance officer is one of the many challenges of operating a dispensary. Whether you are opening up your first dispensary, want to make your current compliance officer’s job easier, or would like to setup your compliant online store or cannabis delivery service, contact us to schedule a demo.