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4 Things to Consider for Marijuana Dispensary Marketing

December 1, 2017

Unfortunately, marijuana dispensary marketing is still fraught with challenges, even though many states have legalized adult-use cannabis consumption. Currently there are laws limiting how marijuana can be marketed and adhering to these guidelines is imperative to keeping your business license.

There are ways to market to your target audience more effectively while staying within these boundaries. In this article we offer a few suggestions on how to navigate these regulations while raising your brand awareness.

Marijuana Advertising Regulations

It’s very important stay informed and understand marijuana dispensary marketing regulations in regards to your cannabis retailer. Dispensaries are have a bit more wiggle room as they are advertising a business to consumers rather than a specific product.

To gain a more comprehensive view on advertising your marijuana business using outdoor signage, TV and radio, print, and digital/social media review Leafly’s state-by-state guide. Familiarizing yourself with these laws will allow you to craft enticing campaigns while staying legal.

Improve SEO Ranking

In the new digital landscape it's crucial for marijuana dispensaries to improve their SEO (search engine optimization) so they can be easily found in a Google search. There are several SEO techniques you can apply to your website to receive a higher search ranking.

Below we’ve outlined a few basic ways you can help boost your website to the top of search results:

  • Include images that are striking an pique the interest of potential customers.

  • Make sure you credit the photographer or use royalty free photos.

  • Always enter image titles and alt-text with keywords relevant to the page content

  • Input meta tags and descriptions for each page on your website.

  • The importance of using keywords cannot be overstated. Researching which keywords are right for your business will allow you to optimize your website with ease.

Practicing these SEO techniques is an integral part of marijuana dispensary marketing and will garner new customers for your cannabis retailer.

Dispensary Professionalism

Now that many states are legalizing medical and recreational marijuana, cannabis retailers have a responsibility to perpetuate a sense of professionalism in all their marketing efforts. Utilizing language that presents your establishment as a resource for patients and customers seeking well-being is a much more effective tactic than pandering to stoners. Marijuana dispensary marketing messaging that conveys this sentiment will have much broader reach and diversify your foot traffic.

Carrying this theme of professionalism throughout your cannabis retailer is extremely important. Ensuring your dispensary appearance is clean, tech savvy, and informative will reassure your customers that you set high standards for your business. Installing a dispensary POS system that is sleek in design as well as multi-functional will only add to this perception.

Training your staff to service clientele with this same sense of professionalism will reinforce your expectations for work ethic and accountability. However employees should be aware that professionalism doesn’t mean rigid or stand-offish but personable and helpful.

Curating Social Channels

Social media marketing is typically where marijuana dispensaries lack a sense of legitimacy. Curating the content and messaging used in digital campaigns is pivotal to how your patients perceive your brand. Finding a balance of playful content and informative posts can be challenging but both can be very engaging.

While posting weed photos and marijuana memes might receive more interaction, it will do little to educate consumers about your business. Selecting imagery and copy that tell a story and represent your brand’s identity will allow followers to connect with the cultural aspects of your dispensary.