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How Your Dispensary Can Make an Impression on First-Time Patients

October 31, 2017

Serving first-time patients at your dispensary also comes with the opportunity to create a lasting first impression. Customer retention is something every cannabis business should strive for as it will only strengthen their bottom line.

Today, we’ll discuss how your dispensary can leave a positive first impression on first-time patients.

Digital Sign-In

Usually the first thing a patient notices upon entering a dispensary is the appearance of the waiting room. While this is certainly important, it won’t be a determining factor of their overall experience. Many first-time patients biggest concern relates to the initial check-in process.

Filling out lengthy forms and collective agreements can be time consuming and stressful for a first-timer. Thankfully there are alternatives. Installing tablets for a quick and easy digital sign-in will not only impress new customers but makes the check-in process painless.

Using a powerful marijuana POS software will allow the receptionist to create a patient profile by simply swiping their state identification. Streamlining check-in goes a long way in creating a lasting impression on first-time patients.

Instant Verification

Every medical marijuana dispensary requires patients to provide a doctor’s recommendation before entering the sales floor. Traditionally, receptionist make a photocopy of the recommendation, enter the information manually, and search for a verification service before verifying the patient.

This type of verification process is wasteful and unnecessary. A well-designed marijuana POS software allows the receptionist to simply upload a photo of the recommendation. Once uploaded, the information is automatically entered and can be verified instantaneously with any of the verification sites already integrated into the marijuana POS software.

Reducing a patient’s wait time is essential in making a positive first impression and verifying a patient’s recommendation should not cause a delay.

Digital Signage

One way to really improve your dispensary appearance is to install digital signage in both your waiting area and sales floor. Digital signage capable of displaying menus, product specials and a patient queue can help inform patients and create a dynamic customer experience.

Many first-time patients have trouble deciding on what products to purchase. Using digital displays in your dispensaries will increase product awareness and allow them to take advantage of discountsthat will leave them satisfied after every visit.

Customer Service

Great customer service is probably the most important element in creating a positive first impression with first-time patients. From the receptionist to the budtenders, dispensary staff should be engaging, helpful, and friendly all while providing an efficient transaction.

Listening to the customers concerns and preferences can inform dispensary employees on which products will best suit the patient’s needs. Budtenders can improve customer retention by educating the patient about dispensary loyalty programs and mailing lists after check-out.

Gift Bag

Providing first-time customers with a gift bag during their first visit is a great way to leave a lasting impression. Including free pre-rolls, grinders, lighters, rolling papers, and other cannabis accessories will show the patient you truly value their business. Try these techniques to increase customer retention at your dispensary.