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A Quick Compliance Guide for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Reporting to OMMA

October 8, 2019

Staying on top of compliance reporting is essential for licensed dispensaries in Oklahoma’s booming medical marijuana market. We’ve provided a quick guide to help dispensary owners better understand the process of submitting reports to the OMMA and how to avoid any compliance violations.

When must medical marijuana dispensaries start reporting to OMMA?

Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries are required to submit OMMA reports beginning the first month after they receive their business license from the state. Dispensaries must submit a report every month thereafter even if there are no medical marijuana products on-site or in the inventory. 

How often does my dispensary need to submit OMMA compliance reports?

All licensed medical marijuana dispensaries in Oklahoma must submit their compliance reports no later than the 15th of every month. Dispensaries that fail to submit their monthly compliance report will receive a written notice from the OMMA. If the reports are not submitted within 30 days of receiving the notice the dispensary business license can be revoked. 

Where can my dispensary submit OMMA compliance reports?

To submit compliance reports to the OMMA, licensed dispensaries must visit the OMMA monthly reporting portal. They’ll need to login with their OMMA ID and their application ID before uploading any reports online.

What is my dispensaries’ OMMA ID? 

Dispensaries can find their OMMA ID on their business license. The license number is considered the OMMA ID. This number will be used to login to the online reporting portal.

What is my dispensaries’ Application ID?

Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries can find their application ID in the license approval email sent to primary applicant upon approval. The number will be appear after, “Your application reference number is …” This number is also used to access the online compliance reporting portal.

Does my dispensary need to report sales tax?

Yes. As part of state mandated compliance, marijuana dispensaries must apply for a sales tax permit after they receive their license from the OMMA. Once they obtain a sales tax permit, they will need to submit monthly report on sales tax and the 7% gross receipts tax to the Oklahoma Tax Commission.

How does my dispensary register for Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control?

In addition to a tax permit, Oklahoma dispensaries must also register with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control. This is necessary so that dispensaries are allowed to possess medical marijuana or medical marijuana products on the premises. It’s important to remember that medical marijuana dispensaries need to register under the “Distributor” category, however if the business acquires multiple licenses for different locations or sectors they should contact the OBNDD to inquire how to register.

How does my dispensary obtain a certificate of compliance?

Recently, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority changed the regulations requiring medical marijuana dispensaries to obtain a certificate of compliance from their local jurisdiction. Once the business owners have secured their dispensary location they can contact the local city officials to come and inspect the dispensary. The dispensary must pass all zoning, fire, safety, plumbing and construction codes before submitting a business license application.

How do I generate OMMA compliance reports from my dispensary POS software?

Exporting compliance reports for OMMA is simple when using an advanced dispensary POS software such as IndicaOnline. Store managers or owners just need to login to their account via web browser and navigate to the statistics tab. They’ll open reports, select state compliance to choose the current month’s report and tap Export to CSV to generate a .csv file containing all the required data points per regulations.