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5 Tips to Managing a Large Scale Cannabis Dispensary

March 19, 2019

The larger a retailer grows, the harder it is to keep up with inventory, sales, and staff. Managing a large scale cannabis dispensary can be challenging with so many moving parts and a high volume of customers. There are a few ways to simplify running such a large operation if you implement fail safe processes and arm your retailer with the right technology.

Don’t Overcomplicate the Process

There are many schools of thought on the best way to run a large scale cannabis dispensary. While there are standard practices that have been proven over time often times it’s best to tailor your process for each storefront.

Many people overcomplicate how their dispensary operates by trying to replicate something they heard or read about. If your able to identify inefficiencies in your dispensary by all means make changes to remedy these issues but refrain from changing the process completely as sometimes it just takes time to optimize your workflow.

Optimize Workflow

Optimizing your workflow in a large scale cannabis dispensary is all about finding more efficient ways to manage time and resources. Whether it’s onboarding new inventory, submitting compliance reports, or intaking customers there are always improvements that can be made.

Some of this boils down to scheduling vendor deliveries and allocating staff members to do this work during slow periods. For bigger businesses, it’s best have dedicated staff members for these processes to ensure consistency across the board. Keeping everyone on the same page is much easier in this modern era of marijuana sales, as technology can streamline communication and task delegation.

Utilize Automation

Every dispensary can benefit from using a cannabis specific point of sale software that can automate many of the everyday tasks that used to be so time consuming. Updating your Weedmaps and Leafly menus to reflect your current inventory used to take hours but now your POS can automatically push this information.

Automated compliance reports can be sent instantly once a transaction is completed so you never have to worry about human errors. This type of automation is essential when managing a large scale cannabis dispensary so investing in a smart POS system is paramount to the success of the business.

Mobile Analytics

Knowledge is power and this is especially true when reviewing sales analytics for a cannabis retailer. Understanding what products are selling, total gross sales, referral rates, and customer retention is a huge advantage. These insights can inform how you order inventory, how you spend your advertising budget, and most importantly how to improve your dispensary.

Having the ability to see your sales numbers on the go is increasingly important as a large scale cannabis dispensary may have multiple locations. Owners, investors, and managers will definitely find the value of mobile application that displays real-time sales analytics. It’s a great way to monitor the activity at your retailer while out of the office.

Multiple Locations

Once your marijuana retailer has brand recognition often times a large scale cannabis dispensary will expand to multiple locations. Once you have operations protocols in place that have been proven over time, managing more than one store won’t seem so daunting. Utilizing a dispensary POS software that can assimilate multiple locations into one account will help with organization and monetization.

When choosing a cannabis point-of-sale software it’s important to know that it can scale with your business. IndicaOnline offers mobile analytics, multi-location management, automated compliance reporting and so much more. Schedule a demo to find out how we can streamline your large scale cannabis dispensary.