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How Distro Boosts Your Sales And Keeps You Compliant

June 16, 2023

The cannabis market is highly regulated and requires constant effort to keep the company on top of compliance to avoid unnecessary fines and business closure. Some companies manually report the government regulators, which is a high-risk and costly way to do the deed. What happens when personnel who could be pushing the company forward are forced to work on tiresome spreadsheets or data entry chores? They leave, abandoning your company and your precious clients. Routine tasks can be automated and digitized to improve employee retention while freeing time for more rewarding aspects of their work. 

Some companies seek automation but do it the wrong way, acquiring several systems that are not integrated. Using one unified software with Fully automated Metrc integration ensures transparency and compliance with state authorities.

IndicaOnline’s Distro is a full-stack cannabis distribution software with all the tools and features necessary to streamline your business processes without an additional third-party system.

Compliant Operations

Distro automates and maintains state compliance at every step of business operations. Every detail of each business operation step is stored, analyzed, and sent to Metrc in real time. All the packages, incoming manifests, and submitting a testing package to the lab for analysis are automatically synced with Metrc. All the license numbers of your contractors or vendors are stored and synced with Metrc too. Product child tags are created by simply scanning the barcodes.

Compliant Delivery

After an order is processed, Distro automatically sets the route for the driver that is already aligned with state authorities. The app saves and submits the driver’s and car information: name, license number, occupation license, car make and model, and number plate.


Distro automatically calculates all relevant taxes based on where you sell, what you sell, and whom you deal with. The Distro Driver app calculates and informs the driver how much excise tax they need to collect upon delivery. With Distro, you will know precisely how much cultivation tax you need to collect from your cultivators or manufacturers from which you receive products. 

Boost Your Sales

Smart automation makes your sales process work like clockwork. The software takes care of the mundane tasks; consequently, you have more time to build customer relationships. Your sales reps can place orders from their iPads while visiting existing and potential customers. New customer profiles can be created on the spot within a few minutes. 

Order Status

Access to relevant order statuses in real time keeps your sales, logistics, and operations teams on the same page. There are no errors or excessive work caused by it.


You can automate your company’s discount system and loyalty rewards with Distro. It’s easy to control discounting practices of sales reps by setting up a cap of maximum discount per customer.

Employee Performance 

Distro App provides an efficient way to record and monitor the performance of sales reps. It enables you to reward top performers and increase motivation among individuals and teams. 

Maintaining compliance consistently is key to creating a stable environment within the business. Distro allows you to stay in compliance with the minimum resources and work hours. Freeing your sales team from mundane tasks by automation lets them enjoy the most exciting part of their job: building customer relationships. The company that can build those relationships is ultimately successful.