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How Distro Helps You Make Effective Strategic Decisions

June 19, 2023

Sometimes cannabis companies tend to use several digital systems for different purposes. This practice has many disadvantages, starting from constant headaches for employees caused by dealing with several interfaces and ending with a high risk of failing at compliance. 

Distro takes care of that problem by being a full-stack cannabis distribution platform. But is that enough to allow you to grow your business rapidly? Well, the answer is no. Keeping this factor in mind, the IndicaOnline team ensured that Distro could also help monitor business processes and improve decision-making.

How Does It Achieve The Promise?

Distro centralizes the data insights and gives you unmatched visibility to every key indicator of your business. Granting you an opportunity to have all the back-of-house operations under your arm’s reach means you can instantly intervene once you catch a thing or two going south. This feature creates a rock-solid foundation to make effective and efficient decisions for your business. 

However, Distro does not stop at creating only a foundation: 

Unique, accurate inventory management tracking technology provides real-time updates that you can use to count unit by unit, gram by gram, or cent by cent in real-time.

You can manage your vendors and clients in one place and automatically calculate taxes based on the vendor profile. You can assign special discounts to your VIP clients, and your customers will also receive automatic notifications and emails about upcoming orders.

Di​​stro brings even more significant value if your customers use IndicaOnline POS. By smart integration, the sold items will be automatically and seamlessly enlisted in their menu at the moment of delivery.

Another advantage is that there is no need to upload anything to Metrc manually. Distro automates the whole process for you: all the customer, product data, and transportation details are collected and sent via transfer templates to the Metrc system from when the sales order is approved.

Fleet management has never been easier. Once you create your fleet profile and input the driver’s personal and car details, you’ll never have to reenter the information manually. Select the driver profile for a specific order, and the data is automatically uploaded to the Metrc system. If you use a third-party logistics service, the flow is the same. All the shipment details are sent to the Metrc and Distro Driver App. The driver app is available to download from the App stores.

The controlled access feature allows you to set your own rules and limits for staff. Choose what will be restricted and authorized; you can revoke the access anytime.

Automatic Reports

Distro keeps your records straight. You can provide accurate reports on supply levels if there is an audit. You can keep track of your inventory at all times by generating automatic daily, weekly, and monthly inventory reports.

You can generate and easily export state compliance reports to ensure compliance with your local authorities. The risk of unnecessary fines is down to almost zero. Automatic adjustment reports make you aware of every adjustment made in the sales order. 

Financial reports are also automatic. Monitor the direct costs of goods sold and manage your margin levels. Make the best of daily, weekly, and monthly financial and sales reports. This feature will help you become a data-driven company making intelligent decisions based on your sales data. 

Distro gives you the ability to track product performances too. As a result, you find more efficient ways to increase your sales revenue by having a detailed breakdown of your products’ sales data. 

Tracking employee performance records is also essential to sustainably growing your business. Monitor and improve the performance of your sales representatives by setting and measuring clear goals.

As you can see, Distro not only increases the efficiency of your business but gives you all the essential reports and data at any requested moment to make vital informed decisions quickly. Being agile is a crucial advantage in this chaotic market. Seeing more and deciding smart is what makes you grow big.