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How Distro Streamlines Your Cannabis Delivery Business

June 12, 2023

Creating a successful cannabis distribution business largely depends on how quickly you can process orders and how efficient is the delivery process. Reaching high efficiency in terms of time and cost is easy with highly-rated software. Processing orders is a complex task and requires aligning several different departments – sales, procurement, operations, and compliance.  

To solve this problem, IndicaOnline launched a full-stack cannabis distribution Software – Distro. This blog will discuss all the features Distro provides for efficient order management and delivery.

How Distro Streamlines Order Processing

Order Creation 

Distro App has two user modes: Warehouse & Sales Rep mode. Warehouse mode allows you to create sales orders by manifests received from Metric. Once you select a manifest, all the packages are automatically added to the sales order, ready to be transferred. Sales Rep mode allows your sales agents to create preorders. Once the preorder is made, it can be declined or accepted and fulfilled by assigning the child tags for the selected packages. 

The Distro is incredibly convenient if you own a dispensary as well. There is no need to create multiple sales orders and shipments. You can collect all the incoming manifests at your warehouse and transfer all the products to your dispensary with one click and one shipment. And yes, all is done through automation and compliance. 

Order Fulfillment

Since all the information, including lab results, is already stored in Distro, you can send the transfer templates to Metrc in minutes. You can split the packages if needed and automatically create child tags. With one click from your dashboard, you can provide your drivers with all the necessary documents, including COAs, packing slips, and box count labels.

Because of IndicaOnline POS integration with Distro APP, you can provide your customers extra comfort by automatically enlisting the bought items in their menu with seamless integration if they use IndicaOnline POS software. 

Invoices & Payments

You can generate and send invoices with one click. The payment method and payment terms are fully customizable. You can print COAs of all packages in the sales order in a simple step. Packing slips can be printed from the sales order profile as well.

How the Distro Driver App – Distro Express Increases the Delivery Efficiency

Distro Express is a full-featured delivery management app that comes with Distro software. 

Let’s start with Fleet management. Fleet profile creation is easy; all you need is the Driver’s First & last name, his\her driver’s and Occupational license. To create a car profile, you need to put the make and model of a vehicle and license plate numbers.

After the profile is created, the information is stored in your fleet management dashboard. Whenever you need to create a transfer template, you can simply select the driver and a vehicle, and the information will automatically upload to Metrc. 

If you use a third-party logistics service, the flow is the same. Instead of your driver’s information, the transfer template will include details of your transportation provider. 

Route Optimization 

Distro Express automatically sets the route for the driver and uploads it to the Metrc system. No need to do it manually. The App collects and stores virtual ledgers – a record book of each trip. All the stops and turns the driver makes will be available to download upon request. And in case of the driver’s uncoordinated stop, you will know why in real time.

Order Status Updates 

Before starting a route, the driver needs to scan the barcodes of all packages at the warehouse to ensure that the correct box goes to the right customer. If they scan the wrong item, the App will warn them. You can print and provide all the necessary documents: Certificate of analysis, packing slip or invoice, and box count labels to ensure compliant delivery. Upon arrival, the driver confirms the order in the App and collects excise tax from each dispensary. The app automatically calculates the amount to be collected. 

Returns and Rejections 

If your customer rejects a package or a part of it, the notice is automatically sent to Metrc, detailing which products and quantities need to be returned to the warehouse.

Real-Time Tracking 

With Distro’s real-time tracking, you will have complete visibility and control of the delivery process. 

Delivery Compliance

Distro Express handles the whole delivery process compliance for you; therefore, there is no need to send anything to Metrc Manually. 

As you can see, Distro significantly simplifies the order processing and delivery process for cannabis distributors. It lifts a load of mundane tasks from employees, confidently keeps the company in full compliance, increases efficiency to a previously unattainable level, and, most important – all these features come in one software.