Potify.net is a digital cannabis marketplace

Potify.net is a platform for licensed dispensaries to list their goods and delivery services. It is an online menu that increases your sales up to 30%. Yes, no kidding, up to 30%!

Display your menu in complete sync with your POS

Have your entire inventory and pricing synchronized with your Potify.net online store. Say goodbye to double entry. Product descriptions, images, and pricing are automatically updated.

How can drive new customers to your front door?

You collect orders outside your dispensary working hours
You put your store on the map – increase brand awareness, help new customers to find you
You facilitate delivery
You attract highly engaged cannabis audience

Potify solution can transform your website into an eCommerce one

Convert your website users into customers. It’s a simpler way to browse, select and order cannabis products online.

2 minutes to enable Potify in IndicaOnline POS

3 minutes to embed Potify directly into your website

What is your next steps with potify.net? What is your next steps with potify.net?

What is your next steps with .net?


Enable the Potify loyalty program


Facilitate delivery with Driver App

Encourage your clients to use Potify credits at checkout

Advertise your loyalty programs and special offers to all Potify.net users .All Potify users can use 10% cashback on every purchase. That means a customer can earn cashback with your competitor, but spend it on your products.

Benefit from cannabis delivery

Potify users can place online orders for delivery services. Ensure compliant and fast delivery with IndicaOnline Driver App.

And it is entirely free. Just like that!

Potify can be completely integrated with your IndicaOnline POS without any additional expenses. Focus on boosting your revenue instead of spending it.