The story of STIIIZY optimizing inventory audits

One simple miscount leads to a range of serious problems. That is why the goal was to make inventory audits daily and ensure full control.


  • STIIIZY was founded in 2017. 4 years later, it became one of the fastest-growing cannabis brands.
  • STIIIZY partnered with IndicaOnline for inventory management enhancement, staff work optimization, and compliance consistency.

The challenge


Reduce time spent on regular inventory audits


Speed up daily inventory audits


Remove human error

The solution

STIIIZY was provided with a premium technology solution – an RFID scanner with multiple features to optimize inventory audits. The company decreased audit time to several seconds. The process was digitized, and the risk of human error was minimized.

STIIIZY uses incredibly fast RFD8500 RFID scanner

  • Scans up to 900 items per second
  • Real-time wireless connection to your POS via Bluetooth

The result

  • Daily audits
  • No more night shifts
  • Inventory audit takes seconds instead of hours
  • Satisfied and motivated staff
  • 99% compliance with state regulations

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