How Kushagram manages numerous orders

Kushagram is known for its lightning-fast delivery and one of the largest menus. So, what is the secret of its success?


  • More than 700 people work at Kushagram. It is one of the biggest chains of dispensaries in the USA.
  • Kushagram sells a wide range of marijuana products while ensuring timely delivery.

The challenge


Optimize order assignment


Get accurate ETAs


Manage an increasing flow of orders

The solution

  • Delivery Cockpit is a perfect solution.Cockpit’s interactive map provided dispatchers with all the necessary data to solve any problems that might occur during delivery
  • Detailed order information, including everything from fulfilment status to processing time and ETA, allowed dispatchers to predict and eliminate any issues immediately.
  • Order reassignment and editing order delivery sequences made it possible to put problematic orders first.

Kushagram uses IndicaOnline Driver App

  • Operates in Dispatcher Mode
  • Supports Hub and On-Demand delivery models
  • Has automated manifests creation

The result

  • 75% increase in the number of orders
  • The number of repeat customers has doubled
  • Satisfied and motivated drivers
  • 99% compliance with state regulations

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