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Why Distro Is The Answer To Inefficient Inventory Management

June 9, 2023

Creating a successful business is a constant endeavor in two ways: increasing efficiency and increasing the quality of the service/product. Cannabis distribution is no exception to this. Failing at any of these two endeavors causes things to go south. Nowadays, businesses tend to acquire ERP systems to help them be effective. However, in many cases, the wrong ERP system is chosen, or even worse, several systems are implemented. What could possibly go wrong? – you might ask, the answer is short – A LOT. 

Let’s take inventory management as an example to dive further into the topic. More often than you might think, businesses manage inventory in traditional ways – a pen, a paper, and endless work hours of counting SKU items. If this is not a classic example of inefficiency, imagine a company hiring a whole team to do this dull job in a prehistoric way. Others are a little bit smarter by acquiring dozens of software to deal with the problem. However, they won’t yield much better results either. They still hire personnel and pay a lot to train them to use those systems, not to mention the lack of integration between this software and increased chances of staying out of compliance. 

You might ask yourself – what’s the right way to go about this? Carefully choosing ONE software is the answer. The good news is that IndicaOnline recently launched a full-stack cannabis distribution software – Distro.

Even though Distro provides every tool successfully to operate your distribution business, let’s further extend our example of inventory management. With automatic inventory reports, Distro lets you know what you have at your warehouse in real time. You can create multiple storages and vaults in which the inventory is kept. Compliance is fully automated. All the packages and incoming manifests are synced with Metrc; product adjustments are also automatically sent to the state reporting system. You don’t need to hire personnel to create the Metrc templates manually. 

The software has an Integrated Product Catalog, where all the product information is centralized in one place. With Distro, you can monitor product expiration dates in real time, reduce shrinkage and ensure the high quality of your products.

Have to execute an inventory audit? Here comes the time for the powerful RFID scanner to shine. It lets you scan up to 900 items in seconds – freeing employees from monotonous tasks and saving time and money for your business.  

Distro provides a massive help with package management too. It ensures that all the package information during the distribution process is synced with Metrc. You can create child tags automatically before creating the transfer template. No need to upload COAs each time you split products. It’s automatically inherited from the source package. With Distro, you can easily create and submit test packages to the lab. No surprise; it’s all aligned with Metrc too. 

Headaches of returned packages are entirely gone. Distro automatically captures all rejected items from Metrc, so you have complete visibility about the package’s whereabouts before it returns to your warehouse to be repackaged, if necessary, and resold. After the package is returned to the warehouse, you can repack the items, meaning the history of the product will be wiped clean (besides the source package information). Then you can send this item to another buyer and make a new sale with just a few clicks.

Distro frees your employees from dull, time-consuming tasks at every step of your business operation, increasing their satisfaction and motivation. Full Metrc integration ensures that there is no risk of staying out of compliance, and it lets you work from anywhere (through desktop browsers or mobile app interfaces), resulting in less need for office space.

As you can see, with the right software, you can reach the level of efficiency you could never dream of. Having such a key parameter addressed takes you one step ahead of your competitors, allowing you to create a thriving business. Book a demo now and see for yourself.