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Why Distro, A New Cannabis Distribution Software, Is An Opportunity For Your Business 

June 7, 2023

Tired of manually creating transfer templates for Metrc? Have inaccuracies during inventory management time and time again? There is good news because IndicaOnline just launched a new product to take all your worries away and help you grow BIG!

Historically not adopting new technologies created a massive risk for any business. Nowadays, the tech environment develops so fast that this issue has become even more dangerous – late adopters are practically destined to be out-scaled and eventually left out of business. The cannabis industry is no exception; new opportunities emerge daily to make your operation more efficient, cut costs and improve customer and employee satisfaction.

Dedicated work by the IndicaOnline team consequently created software that not only increases company efficiency but also allows you to make rewarding strategic decisions both in the long and short term.  

Meet Distro – a unified B2B platform for your cannabis distribution business, everything you need to streamline your operations and scale your business. 

Boost Your Sales

Distro takes over your mundane tasks by automating. It frees up time for you to focus on building solid relationships with your customers. Your sales reps can place orders from their iPads while visiting existing and potential customers. New customer profiles can be created on the spot within a few minutes. Having access to always relevant order statuses reduces confusion and inaccuracies. With Distro, you can automate your company’s discount system too. 

Inventory Management & RFID  

The software lets you know precisely what you have at your warehouse in real-time with automatic inventory reporting. Our straightforward inventory solution RFID Scanner increases efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility by letting you scan up to 900 items in just one second. 

Order Management

Distro automates and streamlines order processing for your business with Warehouse and Sales Rep mode. Warehouse mode allows you to create sales orders by manifests received from Metric. Once you select a manifest, all the packages are added automatically to the sales order, ready to be transferred. 

Sales Rep mode allows your sales agents to create preorders. Once the preorder is made, it can be declined or accepted and fulfilled by assigning the child tags for the selected packages. In addition, Distro automatically captures all rejected items from Metrc and gives you notice about items returning to your warehouse. You can generate and send invoices with one click.

Delivery & Driver App

A full-featured delivery management software helps you manage your deliveries from start to finish. It automatically sets the route for the driver and collects and stores virtual ledgers without lifting a finger. Distro App provides an efficient way to record and monitor the performance of sales representatives. It enables you to reward top performers. You can manage your vendors and clients in one place and assign special discounts to your VIP clients.

Back Management 

Let’s agree – paper belongs to the past. Paper files and spreadsheets create a colossal mess, make you run through file drawers and shelves, and chase after your co-workers for information. On the other hand, finding what you search for in digitally stored data is just a matter of seconds.

Distro enables you to capture information digitally. As your organization grows and you need to manage larger quantities of historical data, software becomes even more beneficial.

With centralized data insights and visibility, you keep all back-of-house operations under control and grow your business rapidly. 

Distro – An Opportunity

Distro provides all the tools and solutions that help you run your business through one cannabis distribution software. Reduce the number of redundant programs as much as possible, and teach your workers how to utilize a single tool. A cannabis-specific ERP system’s primary goal is to provide you with a digital space to organize your duties and data, along with tools designed to make operating a cannabis business smoother. Adopting a single software is the only way to stay relevant, survive, and keep growing in today’s green rush.