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West Hollywood’s Lowell Farms Cafe Becomes First Social Cannabis Lounge

October 3, 2019

Earlier this week, the cannabis industry experienced a new first when Lowell Farms Cafe in West Hollywood became the first social cannabis lounge and restaurant to open in the United States. This historical feat was given the green light back in December of 2018 when Flore Flora, LLC was awarded one of the first licenses for a social cannabis lounge. Customers are allowed to smoke, vape or consume edibles if they so choose, however the food from the kitchen is not infused with THC.

Lowell Farms Cafe

Lowell Farms Cafe is the first of eight social cannabis lounges set to open heading into 2020. West Hollywood has approved these establishments to attract even more tourists from states that do not have recreational marijuana in addition to serving Los Angeles’ prolific cannabis community.

General manager Lily Estanislao explained that, “We wanted to break the stigma against cannabis so we wanted to create an environment where people could comfortably consume and also enjoy a really fantastic meal.” Both the interior  and staff at Lowell Farms Cafe is warm welcoming but with that unmistakable touch of class you’d expect to find in West Hollywood.

Curated Cannabis Experience

Since their grand opening Lowell Farms Cafe has had lines forming down the block so it’s best to try to make a reservation even if it is weeks in advance. Once inside, customers are greeted by a host who can share their extensive knowledge on the various cannabis strains and desired effects. The staff at Lowell Farms Cafe has made it their mission to educate rather than intimidate their clientele when it comes to their cannabis products.

One of the flower hosts at the social cannabis lounge, Bianca, pointed out that, “We always want to feel very approachable. I don’t want my knowledge by any means to make someone feel uncomfortable or uneducated. I want to be able to have a conversation with them and hopefully they leave here feeling a little more secure about their personal relationship with cannabis.”

Customers Rent Bongs and Pipes

In addition to selling cannabis, Lowell Farms Cafe offers assorted smoking apparatus that can be used to consume your preferred products. They rent bongs, pipes, and even dab kits if customers care to indulge. The flower hosts can also assist with the rolling process at the request of the customer. The general manager confirmed saying they offered, “Everything from pre-rolled joints to bongs that we’re renting, pipes that we’re renting, and the flower itself, it’s pretty amazing.”

All customers must be 21 or older to enter the social cannabis lounge even if they possess a medical marijuana ID card. Ensuring that all customers are of age to consume recreational cannabis is of the utmost importance to these newly licensed cannabis cafes as the slightest misstep could lead to a loss of business license.