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4 Effective Cannabis Retailer Marketing Strategies

February 9, 2018

Competing in the medical and recreational marijuana industry requires keeping up with trends and creative strategies. Cannabis retailer marketing efforts need to be crafted carefully to maximize the return on investment.

Building brand awareness is imperative for any burgeoning marijuana dispensary. Today, we’ll provide a few effective cannabis retailer marketing strategies that can increase traffic and boost sales.

Street Promotion

Creating a buzz in your community is all about interacting with the locals and presenting inviting messaging to encourage customers to walk in. Establishing a promotional street team to hand out flyers with a coupon or discount in densely populated shopping areas can really be beneficial.

Utilizing brand ambassadors to connect with the public and answer questions will also bolster support in your community. It’s important to staff your promotional street team with individuals who are knowledgeable about your business and the cannabis industry as a whole. This type of cannabis retailer marketing can really drive sales and help your business assimilate into the neighborhood.

Dispensary Events

Hosting dispensary events is a great way to bring in new business. Whether it’s a customer appreciation day, educational classes, or an Independence Day BBQ, events always see a good turnout. It’s a great opportunity to sign-up new customers, engage with current customers, and sell some inventory.

Offering classes on cultivation or infusion can really separate your brand as resource for clientele who are interested in learning more. You’ll need to make sure that your event is in compliance and you may even need a special license but this sort of cannabis retailer marketing continues to produce results.

Outdoor Signage

Investing in outdoor advertising is always a smart especially if your location is in a high traffic area. A well placed billboard advertisement can attract a lot of attention and even guide customers to your location.

Marijuana dispensaries that are compliant have no reason to hide so ensuring that the exterior of your storefront has adequate signage is imperative. Illuminated outdoor signage will increase visibility and many dispensaries use window signage to advertise specials for first time customers.

Digital Marketing

One of the primary reasons marijuana dispensaries collect email and phone information is for digital marketing campaigns. Sending out information regarding daily discounts, upcoming events, or product recalls is simple if you’re using the right dispensary software.

Social media is the perfect advertising medium for cannabis retailer marketing. Not only can you let your followers know about sales specials but you can really curate the story and mission of your dispensary brand.

Taking advantage of third-party dispensary listings is also an integral part of making your business accessible online. An advanced marijuana POS system can integrate your inventory and keep all of your online menus up-to-date automatically. Sign-up for a free 14-day trial of IndicaOnline to see how your cannabis retailer marketing can improve.