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How to Engage Patients Using Your Dispensary POS Software

October 18, 2017

It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day of dispensary operations, but it's imperative for staff and owners to make the customer experience a high priority. Engaging patients plays a vital role in customer service and retention so interaction is not to be ignored. Often times it's not the decor or presentation that patient's remember but how they were treated during the transaction that leaves a lasting impression.

Fortunately, your dispensary's POS software can help you engage patients and create a sense of community that will impact sales and traffic.

Purchase History

When budtenders greet incoming patients with their name rather than the standard "How can I help you?" a rapport is instantly established. Having a detailed patient purchase history give budtender further opportunity to engage customers by inquiring about their most recent purchase.

These simple interactions may seem insignificant but will really make the customer feel special and appreciated. A patient's purchase history can also guide staff in recommending similar products or strains that the customer will enjoy. A quick glance at the patient overview will give budtenders the information they need to make a memorable experience for loyal customers.

Informing Patients

Providing product information is probably one of the toughest aspects of a budtender's job. Inventory is constantly changing and keeping track of symptoms, desired effects, lab results, and benefits can be confusing. A quality dispensary POS software will include all of this information in the product description.

Many dispensaries invest in touchscreen menus for patient's to browse the wide array of cannabis products giving them all the information they'll ever need. This information is readily available for staff as well and once patient narrows down their search, providing personal experience about the products is the deciding factor. 

Check-Out Chit-Chat

Engaging customers at check-out really helps solidify the bond between budtender and patient. This is why it's so important to use a dispensary POS software that is intuitive and provides a smooth check-out experience. Nothing is more awkward or frustrating for a customer than a complicated and time consuming transaction.

This time is best spent learning more about the patient, and informing patients of future offerings, events, and loyalty programs at your dispensary. The end goal is having your patient's leave feeling satisfied with their purchase and befriended by their budtender. 

Digital Display

Using an advanced dispensary POS software will also allow you to install digital signage in your dispensary. This is a great way to engage patient's while they wait to enter the sales room. IndicaOnline TV uses Apple TV to create a dynamic customer experience that displays a patient queue, up-to-date menus, current specials, entertaining videos, and dispensary social channels.

Creating intriguing playlists on your digital displays will be extremely beneficial in expediting customers, advertising on-sale items, and growing your dispensary's social following. Dispensary owners also have the option to target their awaiting audience in real-time based on gender, age, and purchase history. The advantages to this type of engagement are endless so be sure to inquire about the IndicaOnline TV add-on for your dispensary POS software.